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Welcome to the Membership Page of Lancaster and Morecambe u3a

With the exception of new members who have joined since 1st July, membership subscriptions for all
members will be due by 31st August and can be paid from 4th August.

More details will appear in our Newsletters.

Membership Cards

Over the year many members tend to misplace their membership card. A membership card is not essential but do make a note of your membership number.

It remains the same every year and of course you will need to quote the number when registering with our various groups. Details of lapsed members, including membership number, are held for six years.

Existing Members - Renewing Membership

Existing members can renew online through the Members Portal. There is a detailed guide to help here How to renew membership online. Using this facility will help us save a lot of time in processing renewal forms by our volunteer members. Note that the system is case sensitive. When entering your details, your name MUST be in the normal upper/lower case format e. g. Alan Smith. Please check that your computer has not added a space after any of your entries. This may happen if you copy and paste any of the entries.

When you renew your membership online you will receive your membership card by email. Saving your membership card on a phone

If you do not wish to use the online facility there is the usual renewal form which can be downloaded from here Membership Renewal 2022-23.

Returning Members

If you are a lapsed member who is returning to us, please use the “Existing Members” renewal procedures, using your old membership number, not the “New Members” procedure. This will help to avoid duplicate entries in our Membership Database (Beacon) and possible errors in contacting you.
If you cannot remember your old membership number please contact our Membership Secretary who will be able to help you.

New Members

If you are thinking of becoming a new member here is some information that you might find useful. Our membership year starts on 1st September and ends on 31st August the following year. Membership is open to anyone who is retired or semi retired.

The current membership fee is £15.00 or £10.00 if you join after the 1st of April. If you join in July or August then the fee is £15.00 which includes membership for the following year. This includes a copy of the diary/newsletter which informs you of what is going on that month and any special meetings or news.

Please read Principles of the u3a and our Code of conduct before applying.

Please consider Gift Aiding you application as this will gives us an added income which helps with running costs. If you wish to do this please indicate at the appropriate place during the application process.

As a member of u3a you are automatically sent a copy of the u3a magazine Third Age Matters or TAM if you don’t wish to receive this publication please indicate on your application in the appropriate place

How to Join

Previous Lancaster and Morecambe u3a members
If you have previously been a member of Lancaster and Morecambe u3a and wish to reinstate your lapsed membership please email the Membership Secretary who will advise you of options available to you. Please do not join as a new member as you will already have a membership number on our records system.

New Members
There are 2 ways of joining Lancaster and Morecambe u3a. One is an online application and the other is by post.

Online application

Please follow this link to the Membership Application Online you can pay by credit card, debit card or Paypal.

At the end of the transaction please remember to click on the button to return to merchant if you fail to do this the transaction will be incomplete and you will not be a member of Lancaster and Morecambe u3a.

After completion of the application you will be sent an email confirmation and you will be able to print out a temporary membership card, a permanent one will be sent to you by post.

By Post

If you wish to join by post you will need to download and print a copy of the Application Form, fill it in and return with your cheque to the Membership Secretary the details are to be found on the application form.

You will then receive a card through the post once your application has been processed.

Associate Membership
If you are a member of another u3a and wish to Join Lancaster and Morecambe u3a as an associate member please contact the Membership Secretary for a copy of the Associate Membership Form which will be sent to you via email as at present we cannot accept electronic applications for associate membership.

We look forward to welcoming you as a member of Lancaster and Morecambe u3a once your application is complete. If you have any further questions please leave a message on the membership email.