Kings Norton & District


The Beacon system contains the membership details of all U3A members and details of Interest Groups that are currently operating within the Kings Norton and District U3A. The Portal allows our U3A to meet its requirements under the new Data Protection Regulations coming into effect on 25 May 2018.


Members can enter the Beacon system using the Members' Portal to check their own personal details that are held on record. No passwords are required. Furthermore if any contact details change (such as address or telephone number), members can change these details online. In addition members wishing to change Interest Groups can do so online. The system also allows existing members to renew their membership online without the need to complete membership forms.

When entering the system you will be asked for your membership number, first name and surname, post code (please include a space), and email. When you are happy that all fields have been correctly entered, click on "Confirm Identity" and the system will check these details with the details held on file. If all details match exactly then the system will allow you entry. When finished, the system will return you to our U3A website.

To enter the Beacon system , members please click on Beacon Portal

Group Leaders

If you are a Group Leader and you wish to manage your group through Beacon, there is a separate admin login page at or you can simply click Beacon Admin to enter the Beacon Admin page. Contact the administrator if you require a Log in and password.

If you have any problems with the Beacon system, please contact the administrator on