Kings Norton & District

Covid - 19

Coronavirus - Impact on U3A

To all U3A members

We have recently finished a meeting of the U3A Committee where we considered the latest
Government advice and advice from the Third Age Trust, the umbrella organisation for the U3A
In the light of this advice the Committee has recognised that the impact of Coronavirus (Covid-
19) on U3As will be substantial, particularly recognising the age and health profiles of U3A
members, and particularly in view of the restrictions being advised for those over 70 year old and
those with underlying health issues.
The Committee has therefore decided that the following will take effect immediately:

  • The April General Meeting and the May AGM will both be cancelled and members

should assume that further monthly meetings will be cancelled until further notice.

  • Interest Group Leaders are requested to contact their members and suspend all group

activities that involve face to face contact ie the vast majority of groups.

  • No further U3A Committee meetings will take place until further notice.

This does not mean that the U3A and its Committee will cease to function. Committee Members
will continue to be in contact by email, and we intend to shortly start the administrative process
of seeking nominations for the next Committee year to take effect when normal business is able
to resume.
We also recognise that suspending activities for the foreseeable future can also have a negative
social impact as many members depend on U3A groups to see them through their week. We
would therefore urge Interest Group Leaders to stay in touch with their members wherever
possible, exchanging information and basically "looking out for each other". If limited activities
can be arranged without face to face contact (eg using telephones, social media, emails, or even
videoing), these should be encouraged.
The cancellation of the April General Meeting means that members will be unable to renew their
membership at a meeting. However membership for 2020/21 can still be renewed (i) online
through the Kings Norton U3A website (ii) by paying directly to the U3A bank account (details
on the website) or (iii) by cheque mailed to the Membership Secretary (details also on the
Please take care to follow all the Government advice and particularly ensure you take all hygiene
and practical social distancing precautions. Only go out for essential shopping, and then infrequently, or urgent matters, and
exercise once a day. But always keep at least 2 metres away from anyone.

However please also use the contacts and friendships you have made through membership of the U3A to ensure that we act as a true local community
organisation and support people, U3A members, family or otherwise, who are vulnerable.
Suggestions of the different types of communication available can be found in a document listed on the right hand side
of this page.

Pete Miller
Acting U3A Chairman.