Kingsbridge Estuary


The KINGSBRIDGE ESTUARY U3A COMMITTEE as listed below were elected in June 2019.
Please note that all telephone numbers on the site are in the Kingsbridge area code 01548 unless otherwise shown.

Position Name Tel No Click link to email
Chairman David Chubb 856386 Chairman
Vice-Chairman Neil Martin 581471 Vice Chairman
Secretary Jackie Stacey 857242 Secretary
Treasurer Linda Coton 842258 Treasurer
Membership Secretary Pauline Mills 854270 Membership Secretary
Speaker Secretary Glenn Wilkins 07828 136479 Speaker Secretary
Groups Coordinator Elizabeth Hext 843202 Groups Coordinator
Publicity Officer Myra Davidson 857647 Publicity Officer
Beacon Administrator Eric Brooks 531715 Beacon Administrator
Committee Member Liz Playle 853242 Liz Playle
Committee Member Sally Taylor 830475 Sally Taylor

Newsletter Editor: Neil Martin
Outings Manager: Tony Westlake, 531562 or Outings Manager
Webmaster: Steve Dooley, 07415 671522 or Webmaster

Almost every member of the Committee has responsibility for one or more aspects of the running of Kingsbridge Estuary U3A.

  • To join Kingsbridge Estuary U3A, or to invite a friend to join, please download the Membership/Renewal Form on the WELCOME page and send it to Liz Playle or Pauline Mills, Membership Secretaries.
  • If you would like to give a presentation to the members of Kingsbridge Estuary U3A at one of our forthcoming events, or know someone you can recommend to come and talk to our members, please contact our Speaker Secretary, Glenn Wilkins.
  • For more information about, or to join a particular interest or activity group, please follow the link to the group from the table on the GROUPS page and email or telephone the group contact.
  • If you are keen to start a new group, contact our Groups Coordinator, Elizabeth Hext.
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