The AGM is approaching (Thursday 21 March) and that means the election of the new Committee for 2019/20. The existing Committee is not a self-perpetuating clique (!): we would welcome new Committee Members with new ideas and skills. If you would like to play a more active role in the management and development of YOUR U3A and feel you could spare some time for such a commitment, please follow the links to the relevant documents:

Click this link to read the Chair's appeal ===>YOUR COMMITTEE NEEDS YOU!

Click this link to print a Nomination Form ===> KU3A Executive Nomination Form

======== CONSTITUTION ========

An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) was held on Thursday 21 June, 2.30-2.35, directly before our Open Meeting. The Third Age Trust, the umbrella charity organization for all U3As, was advised by the Charity Commission that all U3As need to change their “Object Clause”, relating to “Charitable Purposes”, in their Constitutions, as soon as possible. The latest U3A Model Constitution, the 2017 version, which incorporates the new, agreed “”Object Clause” for all U3As has been included.

The adoption of the new constitution was passed.

Click this link to view Kenilworth U3A Constitution 2018


======== Data Protection and Privacy Policies ========

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Kenilworth U3A Data Protection Policy

Kenilworth U3A Privacy Policy

KU3A Legitimate Interest Assessment Next of Kin