Open Meetings

Meetings are held at 2:30 on the 3rd Thursday of the month at the Kenilworth Methodist Church, Priory Rd, Kenilworth CV8 1LQ. Members free. Visitors £1. Refreshments 20p. (No meetings August or December)

We offer tea in the hall before the meetings at 1:45.

The open meetings comprise an approximately 45 minutes presentation by an accomplished speaker, followed by some time for questions and discussions. A wide range of topics are covered, some informative, some entertaining, but always interesting and often humorous.

We are always keen to receive suggestions about speakers or topics you would like to include. so click here to send a message to our Speakers’ Secretary.

|DatePresentation and SpeakerRota Group
|March 19th!!!!! CANCELLED !!!!
|AGM at 2:00pm followed by
|The Work of the RNLICreative Textiles
|Peter Warrilow
|April 16thThe NHS in WarwickshireBook Reading 2 & 3
|Annabel Hill
|May 21stThe Gardens of the Italian RenaissanceCanasta
|Adrian James
|June 18thLife of Oliver CromwellGerman Conversation
|Max Keen - History Talks
|July 16thAction 21Philosophy
|John Armstrong will talk about this local Charity
|AugustNo Open Meeting
|September 17thHistory of the Talisman Theatre and Play ProductionSpanish Conversation
|From Stephen Duckham, Artistic Director
|October 15thThe Ferrers family of Baddesley ClintonFolk Dancing
|Jill Kashi and colleague – National Trust
|November 19thShipwrecked in the AntarcticPainting for Pleasure
|Georgina Hale will give a personal account of the above ‘adventure’
|DecemberNo Open Meeting


PLEASE Don’t forget to pass the tea things on to the next group before you leave the kitchen.
Also pass on the takings if the supplies are running low so they can restock.
Group contacts : any problems, please phone or email a Groups Coordinator

How to organise the Tea Rota.
2 or 3 People from the allocated groups are requested to make and serve refreshments at the monthly open meetings. The previous group should pass on any remaining tea/ sugar/coffee. Please buy milk and biscuits as needed and reimburse yourselves out of the days takings. Pass the rest of the money to the treasurer. The cost of a drink and biscuit is 20p. Dishwasher instructions are on the wall and if in difficulties ask a member to help you. Groups can exchange dates but please let the committee know.