Welcome to Jersey U3A

What is the U3A?

The U3A is a national organisation that promotes life-long learning for those who no longer work full-time. In our Jersey branch we currently have 30 active groups offering a range of activities and learning experiences to keep our minds active, whilst offering friendship and fun.

U3A originally stood for "University of the Third Age" but it is not a University as you would know it.

We don’t offer qualifications, and don’t require regular attendance.

The groups are led by members, who may offer formal teaching or structured activities, but who may just organise venues and send out reminders, with all members of the group making a contribution.

We encourage members to share their skills or enthusiasms by offering to convene new groups. You don’t need to be a brainbox – a range of games, crafts or physical activities are welcome as well as more academic pursuits. (Visit the national website for ideas.) You can join as many or as few groups as you like, all for an annual subscription of only £18.00 (which includes a subscription to the national magazine, Third Age Matters.)

Where are meetings held?

We have no fixed venue. Many small groups meet in members’ homes, whilst larger groups meet in various locations. Apart from our AGM tea party, the Social History Group is the closest we have to a whole group meeting, with fortnightly talks on matters of local interest open to all.

We also have regular coffee mornings, lunches every two months, and one-off events like sailing in the summer.

When do groups meet?

Groups generally meet on weekday mornings or afternoons. Meetings may be held monthly, weekly, or every two weeks.


If you would like to join, or to begin with a "taster session" at one of the groups, or simply to obtain more information, then please see the "How to Join" page.