Group News

Groups are opening up and trying different communication channels all with careful regard to COVID re-opening guidance.

The list below is the information at 14th March 2021 but this changes regularly so check with your convener for the current arrangements for the groups that you attend. If your group is not listed please contact the convener for the latest news.

Groups planning to meet in person either straight away or after April 12th:

Art (16th March)
Book of the month (13th April)
Crosswords (7th April)
French – West (16th March) French 2 – (17th March)
Global Issues (23rd March)
Italian – if there is enough interest (12th April)
Jazz Appreciation - (21st April)
Literature (19th April)
Mac and i-pad users (21st April)
Music (24th March)
Philosophy (25th March)
Philosophy and Political Thought (17th March)
Poetry Reading – also on Zoom (25th March)

The larger groups, including Art History and Canasta will have to wait till May, and Social History will not re-start before the usual summer break. However there is an interesting programme scheduled for the Autumn.

French Beginners and Improvers, and Creative Writing are continuing on Zoom, and Walks 1 is continuing as usual on the first Thursday of the month. As Pat wishes to keep the numbers small, she will be offering the same walk on the Wednesday if necessary. Walks 2 is continuing on the 3rd Thursday of the month. Those members who have dusted off their tennis racquets are continuing with the Friday sessions, and would welcome others who may be tempted by the warmer weather. Many of these groups have vacancies, and I have not heard from every group, so if you are interested in joining any group on the attached list, please contact the convenor.

Coffee mornings
As the future of the Current Affairs group is uncertain, the committee wondered if we could resurrect the coffee mornings as a ‘put the world to rights’ session. The first one will be held at 10.30am on Thursday 15th April at The Jersey Pearl and the next at the Jersey Museum Yard café on Wednesday 28th April. These venues have been chosen because they have outside seating if the weather is suitable. If you have suggestions for different times or places, please the Chair know, and they can be considered for the future.

We will schedule a lunch as soon as possible, though numbers might initially be limited.