The following is a list of the meetings coming up in the diary. If you are a new or prospective member contact the group convenor to introduce yourself. Click a link (group name) for more information on venue, dates and times. You can view events in date or group (category) order by using the Display events button.

Most Groups are now meeting but please check with your convenor before going to a group if you are unsure. The diary below is that circulated at the end of April 2021 and will be added to as groups recommence.

Dates for your Diary
December 2021
Wed Dec 1stCrosswords10.00am
Wed Dec 1stFrench Conversation 210.30am
Wed Dec 1stPhilosophy,Sci & Political Thought2.30pm
Thu Dec 2ndArt History2.30pm
Thu Dec 2ndCanasta 110.00am
Thu Dec 2ndWalking2.30pm
Fri Dec 3rdCurrent Affairs2.30pm
Fri Dec 3rdPlay Reading2.30pm
Mon Dec 6thFrench Beginners10.30am
Mon Dec 6thLiterature2.30pm
Tue Dec 7thArt1.30pm
Tue Dec 7thCreative Writing2.00pm
Tue Dec 7thFrench Conversation West3.00pm
Tue Dec 7thFrench Improvers10.30am
Wed Dec 8thCoffee at Radisson Blu10.30am
Wed Dec 8thFrench Conversation 210.30am
Wed Dec 8thMusic10.00am
Wed Dec 8thJazz Appreciation2.30pm
Thu Dec 9thCanasta 110.00am
Thu Dec 9thPhilosophy2.30pm
Fri Dec 10thSocial History2.30pm This session is a walk and talk
Mon Dec 13thFrench Beginners10.30am
Mon Dec 13thItalian10.00am
Tue Dec 14thArt1.30pm
Tue Dec 14thBook of the Month3.00pm
Tue Dec 14thFrench Improvers10.30am
Tue Dec 14thLocal Studies10.30am
Tue Dec 14thCanasta 22.00pm
Wed Dec 15thCrosswords10.00am
Wed Dec 15thFrench Conversation 210.30am
Wed Dec 15thPhilosophy,Sci & Political Thought2.30pm
Thu Dec 16thArt History2.30pm
Thu Dec 16thCanasta 110.00am
Fri Dec 17thCurrent Affairs2.30pm
Fri Dec 17thPlay Reading2.30pm
Mon Dec 20thFrench Beginners10.30am
Mon Dec 20thLiterature2.30pm
Mon Dec 20thLunch12.15pm for 12.45pm
Tue Dec 21stArt1.30pm
Tue Dec 21stCreative Writing2.00pm
Tue Dec 21stFrench Conversation West3.00pm
Tue Dec 21stFrench Improvers10.30am
Tue Dec 21stMaps2.30pm
Wed Dec 22ndFrench Conversation 210.30am
Wed Dec 22ndMusic10.00am
Thu Dec 23rdCanasta 110.00am
Thu Dec 23rdPhilosophy2.30pm
Thu Dec 23rdPoetry Reading10.30am
Mon Dec 27thFrench Beginners10.30am
Mon Dec 27thItalian10.00am
Tue Dec 28thArt1.30pm
Tue Dec 28thFrench Improvers10.30am
Tue Dec 28thGlobal Issues10.30am
Tue Dec 28thFilms2.00pm
Tue Dec 28thCanasta 22.00pm
Wed Dec 29thFrench Conversation 210.30am
Thu Dec 30thCanasta 110.00am
January 2022
Mon Jan 3rdFrench Beginners10.30am
Mon Jan 3rdLiterature2.30pm
Tue Jan 4thArt1.30pm
Tue Jan 4thCreative Writing2.00pm
Tue Jan 4thFrench Conversation West3.00pm
Tue Jan 4thFrench Improvers10.30am
Tue Jan 4thTravel2.00pm
Wed Jan 5thCrosswords10.00am
Wed Jan 5thFrench Conversation 210.30am
Wed Jan 5thPhilosophy,Sci & Political Thought2.30pm
Thu Jan 6thArt History2.30pm
Thu Jan 6thCanasta 110.00am
Thu Jan 6thWalking2.30pm
Fri Jan 7thCurrent Affairs2.30pm
Fri Jan 7thPlay Reading2.30pm
Mon Jan 10thFrench Beginners10.30am
Mon Jan 10thItalian10.00am
Tue Jan 11thArt1.30pm
Tue Jan 11thBook of the Month3.00pm
Tue Jan 11thFrench Improvers10.30am
Tue Jan 11thCanasta 22.00pm
Wed Jan 12thCoffee at Radisson Blu10.30am
Wed Jan 12thFrench Conversation 210.30am
Wed Jan 12thMusic10.00am
Wed Jan 12thJazz Appreciation2.30pm
Thu Jan 13thCanasta 110.00am
Thu Jan 13thPhilosophy2.30pm
Fri Jan 14thSocial History2.30pm
Mon Jan 17thFrench Beginners10.30am
Mon Jan 17thLiterature2.30pm
Tue Jan 18thArt1.30pm
Tue Jan 18thCreative Writing2.00pm
Tue Jan 18thFrench Conversation West3.00pm
Tue Jan 18thFrench Improvers10.30am
Tue Jan 18thMaps2.30pm
Tue Jan 18thTravel2.00pm
Wed Jan 19thCrosswords10.00am
Wed Jan 19thFrench Conversation 210.30am
Wed Jan 19thPhilosophy,Sci & Political Thought2.30pm
Thu Jan 20thArt History2.30pm
Thu Jan 20thCanasta 110.00am
Fri Jan 21stCurrent Affairs2.30pm
Fri Jan 21stPlay Reading2.30pm
Mon Jan 24thFrench Beginners10.30am
Mon Jan 24thItalian10.00am
Tue Jan 25thArt1.30pm
Tue Jan 25thFrench Improvers10.30am
Tue Jan 25thGlobal Issues10.30am
Tue Jan 25thFilms2.00pm
Tue Jan 25thCanasta 22.00pm
Wed Jan 26thFrench Conversation 210.30am
Wed Jan 26thMusic10.00am
Thu Jan 27thCanasta 110.00am
Thu Jan 27thPhilosophy2.30pm
Thu Jan 27thPoetry Reading10.30am
Fri Jan 28thSocial History2.30pm
Mon Jan 31stFrench Beginners10.30am
February 2022
Tue Feb 1stTravel2.00pm
Tue Feb 15thTravel2.00pm
March 2022
Tue Mar 1stTravel2.00pm
Tue Mar 15thTravel2.00pm