Isle of Wight

Photo Competition Summer 2021

Photo Competition Summer 2021 - Click on each photo to see it enlarged - Listed in order received.

Please submit entries by 21st June 2021 - The theme is "Shapes of Summer"

Results to be announced in the Newsletter and at July social meeting

Photo number 16:

Shapes of Osborne Shapes of Osborne

Photo number 17:

Plants growing in garden Plants growing in Garden

Photo number 21 and Photo number 22:

Tree End Tree End (21)Beside the Seaside Beside the Seaside (22)

Photo number 23 and Photo number 28:

Marine Boundaries Marine Boundaries (23) A World Within A World Within (28)

Photo number 24 and Photo number 25:

Unfolding Fern Unfolding Fern (24) Heron up High Heron up High (25)

Photo number 26 and Photo number 27:

Bladderwrack Seaweed Bladderwrack seaweed (26) Groynes, Pebbles & Shadows Groynes, Pebbles & Shadows (27)

Photo number 29:

My New Puppy My New Puppy

Photo number 30 and Photo number 31:

Unnamed 01 Unnamed 01 (30) Unnamed 02 Unnamed 02 (31)

Photo number 32:

Tulip Tree Tulip Tree

Photo number 33:

Shades of Summer Shades of Summer

Photo number 34 and Photo number 35:

Firestone Copse Glade in Summer Firestone Copse Glade in Summer(34)Isle of Wight Tomatoes Isle of Wight Tomatoes(35)

Photo number 36:

Teddy Bears Picnic Teddy Bears Picnic

Photo number 37 and Photo number 38:

Digitalis Stairway to Heaven Digitalis Stairway to Heaven (37)Petals Unfolding Petals Unfolding to Show a Heart of Gold(38)

Listed in order received

Photo Competition Summer 2021 - Click on each photo to see it enlarged.