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As a partner with St Johns Mill, we will have a stall at the Mill on Saturday 3rd October, from 10.30 am onwards. If you are in the vicinity, come in and say hello!


The August Milntown visit, the September Network Meeting and the September Quiz Group were three events that provided a great start to our autumn season - it was such a treat to get together in larger numbers again!
Photos and reports on the Events page.


Two brilliant performances given by our Ukulele Group, on the 8th (Laxey) and 15th August (Port Erin) went down a storm in both venues - aided by the beautiful weather. Looking smart in their red polo shirts, the group members put on a cracking show and entertained their audiences with a real mixture - ranging from a tribute medley to the late, great Vera Lynn, through classics from the Monkees, Beatles, Elvis and Dolly Parton. There was also a local touch with the Laxey Wheel song. Being on the beach in Port Erin meant plenty of people enjoying the lovely weather, including some visitors from Guernsey, who were really touched to see the Guernsey flags flying on the promenade and above the Bay Hotel.

Leader Ro Baggs said afterwards that everyone had really enjoyed their first major open air gigs, and the audiences had been great - they even had a call for an encore at Port Erin!

Well done Mannin Ukers!


Irene with Ian and Liz from Guernsey
Chair of Guernsey U3A Ian Daish and his wife Liz came over to our Island for a visit on 12th August for a week. Our Chair Irene and I met up with them on Friday 14th when they came into Douglas on the steam train.
A lovely, enthusiastic couple - they told us how the Guernsey U3A was founded by a lady who wanted to learn the ukulele. She heard that most U3As had ukulele groups and wanted to join up, only to find that Guernsey didn't have one! With some help, she set about starting one up, and it now has, amongst other things a thriving ukulele group. That was only five years ago and they now have over 800 members!

Irene and I were gobsmacked to hear this, but it seems that there aren't anywhere near as many competing groups as there are on our Island. We took them for a wander along the quay, through the street and up to the Museum, where Liz was really interested in the art gallery. After lunch there, we wandered back down to the train station and wished them well for the remainder of their holiday. They had certainly picked the good weather, but would have had a taste of Manannan's Cloak yesterday on the 17th, when the mist well and truly came down.

Cheers Ian and Liz - lovely to have met you!

Art Exhibition at the Erin Arts Centre Our Art Group member Stephen Free had his exhibition "Cathedrals to Cats" at the Erin Arts Centre curtailed earlier in year, just as it got started. It has now re-opened, so if you didn't see it then, do go and visit.

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