Inverness & Black Isle

Sewing 2018

December Topic - own projects

Everyone brought along thier own project to continue working on. There is always someone in the group with hints and tricks to teach others.

November Topic - Group Work

At the November meeting we worked as a group in the traditional manner helping Dee with her beautiful patchwork quilt. The task was to sandwich the backing, wadding and toplayers by applying a multitude of safety pins. This taks was made quick and simple with the wonderful large desks available to us as we all worked together ensuring there was no more than a hand width between safetypins across the entire quilt.

Now for the hard work Dee - that all has to be quilted.

September Topic - own projects

Everyone brought along thier own project to continue working on.

October Topic - Applique

Today we tackled hand applique. Members either worked on their own applique ideas or created a mini applique to turn into a wrist worn pincusion.

August Topic - Cross Stitch

Today Dee lead a session on cross stitch with members either working on cross stitch kits they had purchased or they spent the time cross stitching their initial which Dee had kindly planned out for everyone.

July Topic - Patchwork

Lindsey showed how to create a complicated looking patchwork cusion based on 9 squares. Everyone took along their favourite fabrics, sewed together 9 squares then trused Lindsey as she then demonstrated how to create a new design just by cutting the large square they had just sewn into 4 squares and turning them round - a technique known as disappearing 9 patch. Everyone went home with the basic patch complete and and finished the piece at home by adding a backing and transforming their efforts into stunning cushions.

June Topic - Group Formation

The first meeting of the sewing group took place in June 2018. Lindsey and Dee took along a large selection of sewn items including patchwork, applique, tapestry, cross stitch etc. We all took turns speaking about what our background in sewing is, where our interests lie and what sort of topics we might like to cover in the months ahead.