About the International Committee

History of International

The first U3A in the world was established in Toulouse, France in 1973. The first U3A in the UK was formed in Cambridge in 1982. By the mid-1980’s, The Third Age Trust was actively involved with overseas U3As.

In 2015 the Third Age Trust decided to set up an International Committee to promote awareness of international activities between UK U3As and similar organisations overseas in addition to encouraging UK U3As to develop possible links with these organisations.

The international Committee consists of:
Auriol Ainley,West Midlands Trustee; Pershore & District U3A
Jenny Carley, Chairman Chester U3A
Mike Head, Elmbridge U3A
Marie-Elisabeth Deroche-Miles
Maria Chester, East Berwickshire U3A,
Alan Walmsley, Chair of Kings Norton and District U3A

The Third Age Trust is a member of EFOS

(European Federation of Older Students)

TERMS OF REFERENCE – International Committee.


• To promote knowledge of the international nature and spirit of the U3A Movement.

• To work with siimilar organisations and internationally to support the development of the U3A Movement.

• To encourage collaboration between U3As and senior educational establishments particurly in Europe.

• To encourage and advise U3As and groupings of U3As on developing international links

Main Areas of Responsibility.

• To contribute to the activities of associated European organisations and internationally where appropriate through any IC nominated representatives..

•To communicate with all UK U3As via the Trust’s communication channels, events, conferences etc which may be of interest to UK U3As

• To encourage European and international cultural and language links to support the activities of UK U3As

• To collect information about current foreign exchanges and visits. GDPR rules will apply.

• To share such information and provide advice on how such exchanges can be developed. GDPR rules will apply.