The use of EHIC cards after Brexit will be updated when the full inplication is known

Many types of International Links may be developed by individual U3As or Networks. They are either Cultural or Language based, often a mixture of both.

A cultural visit is undertaken by individual U3As or Networks to a country of choice in order to learn and participate in its culture. Examples are:

An exchange of U3A members between countries is often hosted by local U3A members. At a later date the UK U3A hosts a reciprocal visit along the same lines.

Twinning is an agreement between towns to encourage educational and cultural interchange.

exchange of emails, newspapers, pen friends, magazines.
SKYPE or video conferencing, social media

Language Exchange / Visit
An exchange visit between U3A members whose purpose is to develop their language skills. Sometimes organised as total immersion in the culture and language of the country.

Study Days / Summer schools
Information available from the hosting country or U3A.