Improved Website Security

New HTTPS URLs for Site Builder Pages

As you have perhaps noticed, the page URL for our website is now normally preceded by https rather than http. The reason for this change is because a more secure way of implementing Site Builder is being introduced. The old style may still work for a limited time but is gradually being phased out.

Using https provides a reasonable guarantee that you are communicating with your actual U3A website and not some other site that is pretending to be it. It also ensures that communications between you and the site cannot be read or forged by any third party.

Please use this https form of address when giving out your website address and when used in links to web pages. Also never use the www prefix, it is not now necessary.

So if you normally follow a saved link to to edit your site, it is suggested that you change it now to

Clicking on the Login and edit link from the main Site Builder front page should now send you into https mode automatically.