The Group assisted Oxford Archaeology East (Cambridgeshire’s professional archaeology unit) in a fieldwalk near Huntingdon in May 2013. A large number of Roman and Medieval pottery sherds were found, as were a Roman brooch (dated between AD43 to AD75) and several coins.

Report from Seonaid Dudley:

The group joined the Heritage Group from Great Stukeley for a very enjoyable Field Walk on Saturday 11 May.

The walk was led by two archaeologists from Oxford Archaeology East at the invitation of Urban & Civic, the developers of Alconbury ‘new town’.

We were shown a grid of the ploughed field marked out with flags in 20 metre squares which we had to walk slowly over looking for evidence of historic settlement. The field was extremely tricky to walk on but we were soon bending low finding artefacts and filling our collecting bags and carefully labelling them. The two professionals, James and Bob, checked our finds - discarding fossils and stony rubbish - and told us what we had found of interest.

We had Roman tiles, glass and pottery, and the same from the medieval period, also bones and teeth and metal work from all the centuries. Some pottery sherds had rims which gave an indication of their size. Some of us started washing the finds, giving a clearer indication of what was in our bags. The field is destined to become community allotments, so there was only one chance of recording the archaeology.

All in all it was a very satisfying experience, thank you #Mike and Richard. Seonaid Dudley.