Van Gogh Trip June 19

Art Appreciation Group visit to Tate Britain for the Van Gogh and Britain Exhibition, June 8 2019.

Eight members of the group visited Tate Britain to view an exhibition about Van Gogh.

He spent time in England between 1873 and 1876 and his art was influenced by his love of the British culture. The exhibition showed us some of those works of art and literature that inspired him and some of his early works as well as some of his later works just before his death in 1890.

The exhibition also explored the impact of Van Gogh’s life and work on British artists.

We saw some of Van Gogh’s most famous works including Sunflowers and Starry Night, along with landscapes and Self Portraits.

This was an education of an exhibition with works by British artists who inspired Van Gogh, such as Constable and Millais, works by British artists inspired by Van Gogh, such as Francis Bacon and Harold Gilman and works by Van Gogh himself.

It has also inspired me to find out more about Van Gogh’s life and to revisit the exhibition.

Jackie Sayers