Tate Britain Visit

I have been asked by Jill if I would write a few words about the Art Appreciation Groups visit to the Tate Britain, so here goes. Nine of us met at King's Lynn station for the train to Kings Cross (rather a jolty journey) getting off at Kings Cross and boarding the Underground to Pimlico and then a short walk to the Tate Britain, Fran and Si were going to meet us there but unfortunately Fran wasn't well so Si came on his own, (Hope you are okay now Fran).

The tickets we purchased were for the Edward Burne-Jones Exhibition which I wonder how on earth he painted so many canvasses in his career, some of them were really large, most were a true delight, a few not to my liking but as they say "you can't please all of the people all of the time". The stained glass panels and the tapestries were truly wonderful works of art.

There were plenty of rooms with paintings by lots of other artists one in particular was J.W. Turner but I found his art a little too dark in colour there were a few that were brighter which to me were better. The building was indeed a maze of rooms but plenty for everyone's taste.

The beauty of going in a group such as ours was that we had a drink and some eats together and then went our separate ways to enjoy looking and reading about the art and artists that appealed to our individual tastes then meeting up for the onward journey home (train much more stable)

The general feeling of our group was, it was a lovely day out, good company and learnt a few new things which is what it is all about isn't it?

Carol Yapp