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Welcome to Hullbridge U3A

Registered Charity Number: 1160603

This is the website of HULLBRIDGE U3A.

There are two U3As in Hullbridge, we are HULLBRIDGE U3A - the other one is Riverside U3A (Hullbridge). If you wish to contact them you can go along to their meeting on the last Monday of each month at 2.00pm at Hullbridge Community Centre or contact them via their website.

Hullbridge U3A Gift Aid

Hullbridge U3A Group is a registered charity and accordingly your U3A membership is considered as donated money to a charity. Therefore the Group can claim back tax relief on your subscription at the current basic rate of tax. This effectively increases the income of Hull bridge U3A at no cost to yourself.

By filling in a Gift Aid form (which will be part of the Membership form in future) you agree that Hullbridge U3A can treat your membership subscription for this year and all future years until you notify us otherwise as Gift Aid donations.
However you must pay an amount of Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax at least equal to the tax that the U3A reclaims on your donations in the appropriate tax year.You can cancel this Declaration at any time by notifying the Membership Secretary.

If in future your circumstances change and you no longer pay tax on your income and/or capital gains equal to the tax the Group reclaims, you can cancel your declaration by informing the Membership Secretary. If you pay tax at a higher rate you can claim further tax relief in your Self Assessment tax return.

Please notify the Membership Secretary if you change your name or address. All information that you provide will be treated in the strictest confidence.Please note that the declaration form applies to an individual only, couples cannot return a form on a joint basis.

The person responsible for administering the Gift Aid scheme on behalf of the committee is Terry Taylor whose contact details are in our Newsletter.

About Hullbridge U3A

The village of Hullbridge nestles on the south bank of the river Crouch; it is the terminus for the Number 20 bus. It has been in the Guinness book of records for the longest ballot paper (39inches) in 1967 and the highest birth rate around that period, the electricity supply was poor in those days! Hullbridge was somewhat enterprising in funding two swimming pools for the local school.

Now the village has a thriving U3A with nearly three hundred members. Our General Meetings for all members are held at the Community Centre, Pools Lane every third Tuesday each month from 1.00 to 3.15. Look under the Groups heading and you will see the wide variety of activities available for members.

Keith Wooderson

Hullbridge U3A Executive Committee for 2019-2020

Chairman: Keith Wooderson
Vice Chairman: John Pomfrett
Treasurer: Vacancy
General Secretary: Vacancy
Assistant Membership Secretary: Maureen Brown
Website Manager: Kelvin Fisher
Committee Member: Brenda Sampson
Membership Secretary: Pat Pomfrett
Committee Member: Eric Schulz
Committee Member: Jackie Meeks
Social Secretary: Pam Watson-Jones
Speaker Secretary: Christine Wooderson
Committee Member: Sylvia Bentley
Group Coordinator: Vacancy
Assistant Treasurer: Amy Wright (Co-opted)

Our Minutes Secretary - Anne-Maria Williams
Our Newsletter Editor - Graeme Dell
Our Buddies are co-ordinated by Pam Simmons

The committee meets on the second Tuesday of each month at Hullbridge Community Centre from 2.00-4.00. Please see a member of the committee if you have any suggestions, comments, items you would like raised at a committee meeting or if you would like to observe a meeting or join the committee.

The Buddy Scheme

The purpose of the buddy scheme is to welcome, in particular, new members arriving at the door on the day of the monthly meetings. One couple recalled, when they attended the meeting for the first time, how they found the crowd of strangers a little overwhelming. Nobody seemed to be around to explain how it all worked! In fact, they took a couple of meetings to understand the system, and to realise that they did actually know several members after all. Having a buddy as a recognisable face to refer to when necessary must surely be reassuring.

The Buddies are always there to help or chat either at the door when you arrive or during the tea /coffee interval.

We hope our buddy system gives newcomers the confidence to return to further U3A meetings, knowing they can enjoy an afternoon with friends, and also discover the many varied activities our U3A organises.


Please advise the Membership Secretary of any changes to your address, telephone number and email address to ensure you are kept up to date with the news.

We have cards for completion of Emergency Contact Details and we would appreciate all members completing both sides of the card. Should you have a problem we will be able to help you to the best of our ability. Please add your new membership number to this card.

Please have your Membership and Emergency Contact Detail Cards with you when attending group meetings.

Membership Secretary: Patricia Pomfrett


In the event of bad weather conditions or other emergency which necessitate cancellation of the monthly meeting, the following procedure will apply:

The decision to cancel will be made by the three officers, Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary. Criteria will be warnings of bad weather conditions and of police warnings not to make unnecessary journeys.

The Vice-Chairman will inform the local radio stations so that the cancellation can be announced.

The Speaker Secretary will cancel the speaker, if necessary.

The Membership Secretary will prepare and send an email to all members with an email address.

In the event of bad weather conditions on the day of our general meeting during the winter months, this is what you will need to do:

: check your Emails
: listen to the local radio stations
: if you don’t have email, telephone a committee member or friend who has.

Please ensure that you inform the Membership Secretary of any changes to your email address. Committee contact details can be found in our Newsletter. We regret that, due to the high number of members, we are unable to contact individuals by telephone.