I’m sure you will all be aware of the current situation concerning the risk of contracting the Covid 19 Virus and of the government guidelines for older people.

As a precaution Hull U3A Committee have taken the decision to cancel the remainder of the current Thursday Group Programme, including the Thursday Monthly Meeting.

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Hull U3A's aim is to offer learning activities which reflect members' wishes and satisfy the widest possible range of interests.

Annual Membership subscription is £10.00, part of which is remitted to the Third Age Trust Groups may set additional charges to cover room hire and refreshments.

Third Age Matters, the U3A magazine, is delivered directly to members' homes at a modest cost, £3.10 for 5 issues starting April 2020 through to February 2021.

A Strategy for Growth
We wish to expand our Groups, with new Interests and Activities.

To learn more about becoming a member or forming a new group, you can either use the Contact Tab or call the Secretary on 01482 707147.

Hull U3A - A Brief History
The first meeting of what was to become the Hull Group was held on 2nd September 1986 in the west of Hull. So, in September 2019 Hull U3A was 33 years old.

In 1987 as the new U3A became known, the membership grew enough to meet on Mondays and Tuesdays in a rented room from Hull City Council's Adult Education Department in Park Street. The Groups listened to Speakers and had social events.

By 1988 there were enough members to have a separate venue in the east of the city too, renting a room at the Ings Adult Education Centre, Ings Road. The east and west groups continued for 20 years.

Falling membership in the west group and the increasing room rental costs from Hull City Council lead to closure of the west group. The east group continued in Adult Education premises for a while. Finally moving out and renting a room at Portobello Church on Holderness Road in 2007.

Over the following two years a successful recruitment campaign with funding and help from the Third Age Trust. This resulted in several more Groups taking place in members' homes and keeping costs down.