Events and Outings

Monthly General Meeting
Hull U3A's Monthly Meeting is held on the Third Thursday of the Month at Portobello Methodist Church Hall, Holderness Road. Doors open at 1.00pm. Meetings begin at 1.30pm and finish at 3.30pm.

Potential members can learn more about Hull U3A by attending for a visit as our guest.

Monthly Meetings 2020
Suspended until further notice

An Outing to the Hull University
On the afternoon of Thursday 27 June 2019, nine very mature students from the Thursday Group, visited the Hull University, Cottingham Road to explore the University's Brynmor Jones Library that has, among other things, an Art Gallery, a Photographic Exhibition Hall and an Observatory, all of which are open to the public.

The Photographic Exhibition was closed on that day so the Group started its tour in the Art Gallery. After much perusal of the art on display the Group decided that non of the paintings appealed enough to purchase. The Group them moved on to the Observatory.

The Observatory was situated in a large room on the 7th floor. The room had windows on three sides overlooking the City. The windows had stickers advising which outstanding local buildings could be seen from that point. The afternoon was dry and sunny giving excellent views of the city, both near and far. The room was furnished with lots of armchairs and seating, making it easy to sit and discuss what the Group was seeing below. After almost an hour in the Observatory the Group came down to the Cafe.

The Cafe provided a welcome cup of tea or cup of coffee. Whilst machine made, if there's there is one thing we mature students can operate without help, it's a tea machine. After further chats and discussions it was bus passes to the fore when we made our various ways home.

An educational and eye opening afternoon.

Joyce Close