SUN South Downs Project


The final fling of the South Downs project took place at the University building in Falmer. We manned the Horsham display for the project which had been keeping many U3As over the Network engaged for a year or so.

Horsham U3A’s display was provided by our Painting Groups, Photographic Group, Writing Group and Herbs & Gardens. This display had been previewed at our last Open Day and met with much favourable comment. Three floors of the University building were used and of particular interest was the top floor where the work of the U3As who researched the Lost Villages, Turnpikes and Toll Roads were shown. There were many displays of projects all around the building all of them showing the work and enthusiasm of their members.

Praise is surely due to Jeff Staniforth and his hardworking committee who had the perseverance to see this project through to its conclusion. They must have been so pleased with the displays and the musical items which were much enjoyed by all last July.

Jean Hammonds had been the guiding force for all that Horsham had worked on and is to be congratulated for holding it all together over many months with a few hiccups along the way.

The Network is the whole number of U3As in this area, including East and West Sussex and Kent.
In total 10 members of Horsham U3A attended which seems a pretty poor turn out for all the enthusiastic work which had been undertaken by so many people over quite a long period.

Congratulations to all the U3A members who took part over the whole area of the Network and in particular our own members ably linked by Jean and John Hammonds and Carole and Chris Duffy.
Esme Cloherty