Dear All

David Spurr Well Christmas has come and gone and we’re well into 2020, the days are getting longer and the nights shorter; it’ll soon be summer when we can get outside and become more active. I don’t know about you but I’m often reluctant to leave a nice warm house to venture out into the cold and wet. Our Christmas was relatively quiet with only the family living in Horsham joining us for Christmas lunch. We only have the full family every other year which is always a lot of work and somewhat chaotic. I’m considering going away for Christmas this year where someone else does all the work and we can just sit back, relax and enjoy ourselves without the hassle.

We went to my son’s in Swindon for New Year’s Eve where we had a wonderful meal without all the bother of planning and cooking. The only trouble was that after the meal, instead of pleasant conversation, they spent too much time on their mobile phones, still that’s modern families for you.

In January we were back to reality and got a shock when standing on the scales; why do we feel the need to buy sooo much food and in particular chocolates over Christmas: we still have boxes unopened, just at the point when we need to go on the post festive diet. We must lose weight before we disappear off on holiday in February for some winter sunshine in the Caribbean. The holiday includes a 2 day stop in New Orleans where we will enjoy some good jazz.

In your January Newsletter you will have seen details of the forthcoming weekend break, “A Slice of Middle England” from Wednesday 9th to Sunday 13th September. The holiday is full of interesting things to do and see, and at that time of the year the weather should be warm and hopefully sunny. It should be a super enjoyable break with many good friends which I hope you will support.

The General Meeting in January was once again well attended with our old favourite Rupert Toovey giving us, not one of his usual talks about antiques and auctions, but a fascinating talk about art in Sussex through the ages and the influence of our Sussex artists plus other well-known artists who have spent time in Sussex. He kept repeating “poor St Ives” where the second Tate Gallery is located.

Unfortunately, I had to call a halt to Rupert’s talk a little early because one of our committee members collapsed. She was taken to A&E at Haywards Heath by ambulance but is now back home and OK. I was able to contact her daughter using the ICE contact on her membership form: just goes to show how important this information is when unforeseen things happen. Once again, the NHS were brilliant. Rupert will return soon to finish his talk.

There is an article in this newsletter about the dilemma of the seating at the Holbrook Club because I want you to know that your committee is aware of this issue and is discussing options.

Well that’s it for now so cheerio until the next time.

David Spurr