Horndean & District

Walks Programme from 2010 to Present

DateLeaderMilesStart Point with Grid ReferenceOutline of Walk and Special Features
Tuesday 1 October 2019Len Lovis5mStansted, car park at far end of Stansted Park Garden Centre. SU758100 PO9 6DXCircular walk to Holme Farm, then via Sussex Border Path passing Stubbermere and Hollybank to Westbourne, returning past Aldsworth and Sindle's Farm. Flat, 3 stiles.
Monday 16 September 2019Len Lovis4mRowlands Castle at the recreation ground car park or alongside the green. SU732106 PO9 6ABA circular walk via Staunton Way, South Holt Farm & Finchdean. A couple of climbs and 2 stiles.
Tuesday 3 September 2019Clive Midson5.5m Petersfield Pond car park. SU755226 GU31 4LDCircular walk via Heath Farm, Goose Green, Quebec, Rival Lodge and Durford. Mostly flat, one slight incline. There are some stiles at the beginning, but nothing after that.
Monday 19 August 2019Len Lovis5mBosham in the main car park. SU806040 PO18 8HWCircular walk via Fishbourne.Flat walk and no stiles.
Tuesday 6 August 2019Carol Veitch6-8mHilsea, car park which is on the left as soon as you come off the M27, just before you go under the footbridge. SU655045 PO2 9RRA non-circular walk along the creek as far as Eastern road, then a short section along that road, cross over and follow the coastal path around Langstone Harbour, through Victoria Park and then along the sea front.
Tuesday 23rd July 2019Len Lovis4.5mBuriton by the pond. SU739200 GU31 5RTCircular walk via Pitcroft Lane, Old Ditcham Wood, Sunwood Farm, North Lodge returning along SDW past Coulters Dean. Couple of steep hills. No Stiles.
Tuesday 25th June 2019Len Lovis4mCatherington Down car park, almost opposite the church. SU694144 PO8 0TEA circular walk along paths and tracks in the Horndean/Catherington area, returning across Catherington Down. Fairly steep climb at end of walk. 3 stiles.
Monday 10th June 2019Len Lovis4.5mClanfield, Bat & Ball pub car park at far end from pub.SU677168 PO8 0UBCircular walk via Park Wood, Park Farm, Glidden Farm and Monarch’s Way. Mainly flat with one long gradual climb. 2 stiles.
Tuesday 28th May 2019Kathy Jarvis5mPark in car park near Sea Scouts hut in Prinsted. SU765051 PO10 8HSCircular walk from Prinsted via Chidham and Nutbourne. A flat walk, with no stiles.
Monday 13th May 2019Clive Midson5.5mPetersfield, Petersfield Heath Pond car park. SU754226 GU31 4LDCircular walk via Sussex Rd/Causeway Hangers Way, Buriton pond (drink stop). Return via Nursted House and Fairfield Farm. Easy going, no steep slopes, a couple of stiles.
Tuesday 30th April 2019Len Lovis5.4mEast Meon, Workhouse Lane car park. SU676222. GU32 1PFCircular walk via Hall Cottages, Whitewool Farm, Coombe Cross returning to East Meon. Reasonably flat for the area - 2 steady uphill climbs. 1 stile.
Monday 15th April 2019Len Lovis5mNorth Hayling, car park on Northney Road. Take road to Northney Marina immediately to the left after you cross the bridge, about half a mile along. SU728037 PO11 0NDCircular walk via North Common, Hayling Billy Line and Northney Church. Flat walk, 4 stiles.
Tuesday 2nd April 2019Mary Weston5.5mDenmead, Kidmore Lane car park. SU659121. PO7 6JZCircular walk towards Hambledon, via Speltham Down. A couple of hills and possibly muddy.
Monday 18th March 2019Kathy Jarvis5.8Westbourne, playing field on Monk’s Hill. SU 755083. PO10 8SZCircular walk via Woodsmancote, Racton Park Farm & Sindle’s Farm. Reasonably flat with a few slopes. No stiles.
Tuesday 5th March 2019Clive Midson5West Meon, Old station car park in Station Rd. (Northern end of what is now the Meon Valley Trail) SU 641236.Circular walk via West Meon Church, Beaconsfield Farm, Brockwood Copse, Maridell Farm. Mainly flat, apart from a moderate climb early in the walk. 3 stiles.
Monday 18th February 2019Kathy Jarvis5 Clanfield, Peel Park. SU 702167. PO8 0PRCircular walk along Little Hyden Lane, Thieves Lane, Green Lane and Chalton Lane. Few slopes not too steep. No stiles.
Tuesday 5th February 2019Clive Midson5Old Winchester Hill. Nature Reserve CP Old Winchester Lane (between Leydene and Warnford) SU 645214 GU32 1HFCircular walk via Old Winchester Hill - Stocks Lane - Meon Valley Railway Trail - South Downs Way. Flat or downhill at first finishing with a steady ascent. There are a couple of short steep sections towards the end but no stiles.
Monday 21st January 2019Len Lovis5 Petersfield Pond car park.SU 754226 GU31 4LD Circular walk via Shipwrights Way, Burntash Farm & Sheet Mill. Reasonably flat. 2 Stiles.
Tuesday 8th January 2019Carol Veitch5Purbrook. Playing fields car park opposite Rowans. SU 668079 PO7 5RUCircular walk past Newlands Farm to Closewood Road, returning on Wayfarer’s Walk past Sheepwash Farm, then Cooper Hill to Purbrook Heath.Mainly flat. 4-6 stiles.
Tuesday 11th December 2018Len Lovis4Walderton, On lay-by at the junction of B2146 and road to Walderton. SU 787105 PO18 9EACircular walk via Piglegged Row past Watergate House and through Watergate hanger. A few short hills and no stiles.
Monday 26th November 2018Len Lovis5.5Rowlands Castle, Park at the recreation ground CP or alongside the Green. Meet at Rowlands Castle Green by hardware store.Circular walk via Staunton Way, Forestside, South Holt Farm & Finchdean. Reasonably flat. 2 stles.
Monday 12th November 2018Kathy Jarvis5.5Walderton Corner, On lay-by at the junction of B2146 and road to Walderton. SU 787105 PO18 9EACircular walk via Woodlands Lane, Stansted Park & Racton Monument. An initial steep climb then reasonably flat. 4 stiles.
Monday 29th October 2018Len Lovis5.5Chalton. Park at far end of the Red Lion Pub car park, SU 731160 PO8 0BG Chalton Down, Staunton Way, Finchdean, St. Hubert’s Church and Huckswood Lane. A few hills, one steep climb towards the end of the walk. 5 stiles. Allow approximately 2½ hours.
Tuesday 16th October 2018Len Lovis4.5Stansted, Park in The Slip car park just north of the sawmill. SU 753103 PO9 6DUVia South Coopers Wood, Park Lane, Lumley Seat and Rosamond’s Hill. Reasonably flat and 2 stiles. Allow approximately 2 hours.
Monday 1st October 2018Len Lovis5West Marden, Park on the lay-by on the B2146 by the crossroads. SU 772136 PO18 9EN Walk via Old Idsworth Farm & South Holt Farm. Few hills. 5 Stiles.
Monday 17th September 2018Carol Veitch5Hillsea. Details to follow.
Monday 3rd September 2018Carol Veitch4.5Droxford, park in village centre by before the church, or up the lane opposite by the school. SU 606182 SO32 3RF Via Wayfarer’s Walk, Droxford Down & Meonstoke.
Monday 20th August 2018Len Lovis 5Denmead, Kidmore Lane car park (toilets available), SU 659122 PO7 6JZVia Veniss Copse and Glidden Farm and back to Denmead. Mainly flat, one steep hill, 3 stiles.
Monday 6th August 2018Kathy Jarvis5Wickham, Old Station car park Via Pilgrims Trails and Wickham Common. Mainly flat. No Stiles.
Monday 23rd July 2018Len Lovis5Bosham main car park. Note CP charge. SU 806040 PO18 8HWFlat circular walk via Fishbourne and back to Bosham. No stiles.
Monday 25th June 2018Kathy Jarvis5Prinsted car park next to Sea Scouts Hut - Share cars. SU 766051Prinsted via Chidham - Nutbourne. Flat walk.
Monday 11th June 2018Geoff Smith?Kingley Vale - details to follow.
Monday 14th May 2018Kathy Jarvis5Rowlands Castle outside Hardware shop. Park in Recreation Ground car park or alongside the green. SU 732107 PO9 6AAVia Stansted Forest and Forestside. Flat walk and no stiles.
Thursday 3rd May 2018Peter Sollars6Walderton junction, close to Barley Mow pub. Share cars as limited parking - SU 790106Pitlands Farm, Blinkcard Copse, Widhams Wood, Wildham Barn and Inholmes Wood. Combination of steeper contours.
Tuesday 3rd April 2018Peter Sollars5+East Meon at CP off Workhouse Lane - SU 677222Via Frogmore, Greenway Copse (or BOAT), Ramsdean, Sir William’s Hill & Cellar Lane (Br. 10), Park Farm, around Vineyard Hole and Park Hill and return via church. One steep assent and final decent.
Monday 5th March 2018Peter Sollars5Car Park close to Buriton Church - share Cars - SU 739200Ascend the relatively-steep Bridleway under the railway line; the Bridleway ascends to the South Downs Way, then close to Fagg’s Farm. The South Downs Way crosses south towards New Barn, just west of New Barn Road, walkers then utilise the south-lane of the Road; the walk crosses over the stile and tracks North, under the pylons. The large field ascends through Ludgersham Copse to finish at South Downs Way. The steep descent returns to the pond and the church.
Monday 26th February 2018Peter Sollars6Car Park close to Buriton Church - share Cars - SU 739200Steep-assent, then close to Fagg’s Farm. SW towards the SW forest-edge via Benhams Bushes and New Barn Hanger; following assent into Ludgersham Copse and steep descent back to church. [Walk postponed due to weather]
Tuesday 6th February 2018Geoff Smith?Warnford - Large free car park in the village - SU 624232A climb to start then track and back roads. Clanfield, Old Winchester hill, Haydon Lane, Beacon Hill offering views of the Watercress beds, snowdrops, a shark and a sleeping giant. Good underfoot for the time of year. Probably cold. Refreshments after at the George & Falcon
Monday 18th December 2017Peter Sollars5Finchdean centre - share cars - SU 738128Via Sussex Border Path (initial decent), Chalton Down (decent), Huckswood Lane, Old Idsworth, South Holt Farm. Average temperature 10-11 degrees, wind 9 mph average, no rain, mostly light-clouds; bring warm clothing and a hat!
Monday 4th December 2017Peter Sollars5Bedhampton Recreation Ground - SU 703064Cross over A27 walk-bridge, coastal area, South Moor, Langstone, Wade Court & W. Walk. Essentially flat, present conditions: cold & muddy sections.
Monday 20th November 2017Peter Sollars5.6Petersfield Heath Pond car park - SU 755226Heath Farm, Latchetts’s Copse, Ryefield Cottages, Rival Lodge, West Heath Common, Oldcroft, Durford Abby, ‘New’ River Rother bridge, Heath Common. Mostly flat; 2 short lengths over small hills.
Monday 9th October 2017Peter Sollars5West Stoke car park - SU 825088Initially flat then up steep Stoke Down, Funtingdon Plantation, Funtington Village & Ashling Wood.
Monday 25th September 2017Peter Sollars5Prinsted, car park next to Sea Scouts Hut - share cars - SU 766051Chidham and Nurbourne; very flat, NO stiles.
Tuesday 12th September 2017Peter Sollars6Walderton, off B2146 - SU 790107via Pitlands Farm, Lower Farm, Lycommon, Manor Farm. Hilly.
Monday 21st August 2017Kathy Jarvis4.5Steep, near church, limited parking along road - SU 745 253It is hilly, with a long, steepish climb, but we can take it slowly. The views at the top are worth the effort; there are woodland, streams and a waterfall.
Monday 7th August 2017Peter Sollars5Buriton near church - SU 740200Pitcroft Lane, Sunwood Farm, S.D. Way, descent down to village. One significant hill to climb, but the road takes a Y-shaped contour and makes the ascent ‘better’. The final descent is rather steep.
Tuesday 18th July 2017Peter Sollars5Asda Superstore, Waterlooville - SU 680093The Walk will involve ‘MDA’ especially the Southern Phase (with all the latest detailed maps); Closewood, Sheepwash and Newlands.
Tuesday 4th July 2017Peter Sollars??4.5Golden Lion, Southwick - SU 626086??Flat walk via Lye Heath, Wanstead Farm, Little Belney Copse, Place Farm and village centre.
Tuesday 20th June 2017Peter Sollars4.5West Marden. Meet at the B3146 road T-junction - SU 772055Via Westmarden Copse, Lyecommon, Gevitt Copse, return West on lane (possibly Locksash Farm). Some ups and downs very few stiles; Route changed to provide more trees coverage.
Monday 5th June 2017Carol Veitch4.4Chidham, Cobnor Farm Amenity Car Park - SU 793026There are no stiles and no inclines so all easy walking. Old House at Home for lunch.
Tuesday 23th May 2017Carol Veitch4.5Droxford, Park-area near church - SU 604182Circular route through Meonstoke, one slight incline, 3 stiles, lovely views
Tuesday 9th May 2017Peter Sollars5+Hambledon, Meet at High Street, down from the church; share cars where possible - SU 647150 Around the village, S /NE/NW/S; Rushmere, Pithill, Veniss Copse, Fairfield House, Windmill Down
Monday 24th April 2017Tony Harrison5Rowlands Castle green, opposite the village shop. Car park opposite the Village Hall - SU 733107Walk to Stansted House area and back. Choice of two cafes for coffee or a picnic area before a return walk by a slightly different route. No stiles and a mostly flat route (one short, sharp hill).
Monday 10th April 2017No Walk
Monday 27th March 2017Peter Sollars5Southborne / Nutborne. Park in layby south side of A259. Car share where possible - SU 774055Via Chidham Farm, near Eastfield Farm, Cot Lane and return. Chidham parish, around the middle and East of the peninsula.
Tuesday 7th March 2017Peter Sollars5+T-junction West Marden - SU 772136Via Compton, Cowdown Farm, Eckensfield, cross over Cowdown Lane then Horsley Farm. A few stiles; some hills up and down.
Monday 20th February 2017Peter Sollars5.5Blendworth car park near Fire Station - SU 708123Via Wick Hanger, Idsworth House, Woodhouse Lane, back via The Holt, Soak field Row, Church Path. A few stiles.
Monday 6th February 2017Carol Veitch4-5Park at Iping Common off A272 towards Midhurst - SU 852219Via Stedham, Iping, Chithurst and return / Not a hilly walk, partly tracks along River Rother.
Monday 23rd January 2017Peter Sollars4+Hambledon. Meet at High Street, down from the church; share cars - SU 647150Encircling the village via Bury Lodge, Madams Copse, Boarhuts Copse. We should have gained access to the village now all the flood work’s complete.
Tuesday 10th January 2017Peter Sollars5West Meon, Park at old station - SU 641236Via church, Laurel Dene, Bere Farm, Marldell Farm; return via church & old viaduct & station. Hills & probably mud. A novel area for U3A walkers
Monday 19th December 2016Peter Sollars4.5Northney Car Park - SU 7280381Km SE of south-end of A3023 Bridge via Stoke, Fleet, Tye & church. Flat; boundaries of fields, coastal section. Lunch afterwards?
Monday 28th November 2016Tony Harrison4Waterlooville outside NatWest - SU 681093First Bus to Cosham Health Centre via Peronne Road. Bridge, Norway Road. Dundas Spur, Copnor Bridge. No hills! Return bus to Waterlooville or continue to Portsmouth Centre
Monday 14th November 2016Peter Sollars5Petersfield Pond (adjacent) CP - SU 755226Via Nursted House to Buriton; return via Hangers Way and (part) Causeway. A few ups and downs, some muddy parts
Monday 24th October 2016Peter Sollars5Just north of Bat & Ball, opposite ‘old’ Cricket Ground - SU 677168Via Hermitage Farm, present Cricket Ground, Glidden Lane (hill), Glidden Farm and Scotland. A few stiles, several cross-fields; (part) follows Monarch’s Way.
Monday 10th October 2016Peter Sollars6Near Nutbourne lay-by South side of A259 - SU 775056Via Hambrook, Woodmancote, Westbourne, Prinsted Flat, partly near the coast; a few stiles.
Tuesday 27th September 2016Peter Sollars5Rowlands Castle Recreation ground - SU 730108Via Church, Bridleway, Staunton Way, The Avenue, Havant Thicket, Staunton Way. No ‘real’ hills, Very few stiles.
Monday 12th September 2016Peter Sollars4.5Stansted CP near ‘The Slip’ - SU 754102Via Park Lane(part) Broadreed Farm, Wythy Piece, Rosamonds Hill. Not too hilly, Footpath and Bridleway routes-some X-fields; very few stiles.
Tuesday 30th August 2016Geoff Smith4.5Stoughton Down Recreation Ground, Stony CP - SU 815126Via Devil’s Humps, Kingley Vale. Good views, shade, no stiles; ‘Barley Mow’ afterwards (good food).
Wednesday 17th August 2016Tony Harrison4.5Waterlooville, outside NatWest No.8 bus - Merchistoun HallBus/walk - around back of Morrisons, south to Queen Enclosure, Ferndale, Sainsbury’s, Choice of Coffee walk back to Waterlooville centre.
Monday 1st August 2016Carol Veitch5 or 5.8Old Winchester Hill, Nature Reserve CP - SU 645214Via Fort, down to meet Meon Valley Trail (old railway); possibly part Monarch’s Way 1 short steep decline, 1 moderate incline; no stiles, lots of wild flowers.
Wednesday 20th July 2016Peter Sollars4.8Rowlands Castle Recreation ground - SU 730108Via (edge) Stansted Forest South Holt Farm, Finchdean & Wellsworth Lane. Some ups and downs, few stiles, field & track walking.
Tuesday 5th July 2016Carol Veitch5South Lane Meadow, Clanfield - SU 696164Via Green Lane, North Cottage, Tiplengreen Farm, Hinton Manor, White Dirt Road, Sunderton Lane. Mud surfaces not too bad - hopefully 2 ‘ups’, 2 downhill, 1 each, easier & 6 stiles.
Tuesday 21st June 2016Peter Sollars4.5Jubilee Hall CP off Catherington Lane - SU 694134Via Ham Lane, Monarch’s Way Broadway Farm, Yoells Copse & Coldhill Lane. Expect muddy surfaces & series of stiles; some minor hills.
Tuesday 24th May 2016Peter Sollars5West Stoke CP just north of sharp bend - SU 825088Via Ashling Wood, Funtington, West and East Ashling. Relatively flat, some cross-fields and few stiles.
Tuesday 10th May 2016Peter Sollars5Clanfield, at South Lane Meadow - SU 696164Via Little Hyden Lane/South DownsWay Blagdon Farm, Thieves’ Lane, & Green Lane. Steady, long climb up, view from SDW; return, Bluebell display.
Monday 25th April 2016Peter Sollars5+East Meon at CP off Workhouse Lane - SU 677222Via Halnaker Lane, South DownsWay, South Farm, Oxenbourne House & Frogmore. ‘Up’, not too steep & a steeper ‘down’. Expect some mud + few stiles.
Tuesday 12th April 2016Roger Keynes4.5Holly Hill CP (Free) West of Fareham, South of A27 - SU 501079Via Hamble Estuary, Swanwick Marina, Andark - return to Holly Hill CP. Mainly flat, some short ups & downs, slightly muddy.
Wednesday 30th March 2016Tony Harrison5.0Waterlooville outside NatWest. No.8 bus to Cosham Health CentreNo.2 bus to Bransbury Park. Eastney Swimming Pool, along Esplanade, Pier, Canoe Lake. Stop at Coffee Cup. Return via Gunwharf or Palmerston Road.
Monday 14th March 2016Peter Sollars5.0Blendworth Hill CP, up from Fire Station - SU 708132Via Crabden Lane, Windmill Hill, Blendworth Down & Blendworth Farm. Local to Horndean; hills, good views, few stiles
Monday 29th February 2016Peter Sollars5.5Petersfield Heath Pond CP - SU 755226Around 'edges' of Petersfield via Pens Place, Sheet, Ashford stream & Bell Hill. Essentially flat; trying to avoid too much mud
Monday 15th February 2016Carol Veitch6-7Hilsea, CP Opposite Lido, left off M27, keep left and turn in under barrierVia Hilsea Lines, down Eastern Rd then follow Solent Way to Canoe Lake & sea front. Easy walk (a little mud), flat, no stiles.
Monday 1st February 2016Tony Harrison4Waterlooville outside of NatWest - bus to Cosham Health CentreLinear, walking towards Gunwharf; group can request to stop for coffee. Stop can be Morrisons, town centre or Gunwharf;
Tuesday 19th January 2016Geoff Smith5Hayling Island, Small CP area opposite 1st Garage just south bridge - SU 720039Anti-clockwise-Linear walk + bus north OR ‘equal’ clockwise route; H.Billy line & coast. Flat, coastal very few stiles; hope to avoid too much mud!
Tuesday 15th December 2015Peter Sollars4.5QE Country Park, Visitor Centre - Note: CP chargeVia War Down, Holt Down & SW edge of the forest. Up and down the hills, very few stiles; with leaves down, good views
Monday 30th November 2015Peter Sollars5.5Catherington Down ‘Top’ CP (Share cars if possible) - SU 695144Via Denmead Mill, Broadhalfpenny Down and Lone Barn Cottage. Hills and a few stiles; expect some muddy cross-field tracks
Monday 16th November 2015Carol Veitch4.2Meon Shore CP, the end closest to toilets - SU 5300233Via Titchfield Canal, Little Posbrook, Thatcher’s Copse; return eastward top of low cliffs. Essentially flat, 2 easy stiles. Options for coffee, light lunch/full
Wednesday 4th November 2015Tony Harrison4Waterlooville, outside NatWestVia ‘new’ Berewood to Purbrook, over Portsdown Hill towards Cosham. End of QA Steps bus stop, catch No.7 or 8. See the latest Berewood development & 1 mile path clearance thanks to local Ramblers.
Monday 19th October 2015Jean WebbNorthney, Small (coastal) car park opposite 1st Garage, next to W-side of A3023 - SU 720039Via Stoke and North Hayling. Flat, coastal views
Monday 21st September 2015Peter Sollars4.5Denmead, Kidmore Lane car park - SU 659121Via Merritt’s Farm, Anmore, Eastland Gate & Crossways. Rather challenging. Essentially flat but expect MUD,X-field walking; & stiles on lesser-known paths
Tueday.8th September 2015Margaret Mathieson4Farlington Marshes, 2nd car park, just beyond 1st - SU 675043Via Peter’s Pond and the coastline. Essentially flat; bring binoculars
Tuesday 11th August 2015Peter Sollars5East Meon, EHDC car park off Workhouse Lane - SU 677222Via Frogmore,‘5-Ways’, Ramsdean, Sir Williams Hill, & Park Hill. East of village, cross fields, old tracks, then up and down Park Hill
Tuesday. 28th July 2015Peter Sollars5.4Westbourne Recreation Ground, Tarmacked off-road area - SU 755084Via Westbourne, Lumley, New Brighton, Hollybank, Southleigh Forest. Relatively flat; village (interesting), riverside and forest
Tuesday 14th July 2015Peter Sollars5.3Blendworth, Car park above Fire Station - SU 708132Via Idsworth House, Wick Hanger, Woodhouse Lane; back via The Holt & Church Path. One hill, a few stiles, mostly arable fields plus two woods and west coast
Monday 29th June 2015Tony Harrison5Hambledon, Shop opposite High Street - SU 647150Via cricket ground, Chidden, Beckless Copse and Windmill Down. Gentle hills and couple of fairly good stiles
Tuesday 16th June 2015Peter SollarsWest Marden, T-Junction with B2146 - SU 772136Via Bottom Copse, Compton, Hundred Acre Farm & Telegraph Hill. Some ups & downs; footpaths & Bridleways, good views across valley
Tuesday 19th May 2015Carol Veitch4.6Droxford, Square before church - SU 607182Via Droxford Down; great views & some lovely wild flowers. Mostly flat, just two short / gentle inclines & one downhill; three stiles
Wednesday 6th May 2015Roger Keynes5.2West Meon (station). From South turn sharp right into Station Road bends left & right, then right under barrier - SU 642 236.Southwards via the ‘old’ Railway line, SDW east towards Old Winchester Hill and north via Monarch’s Way. The Old railway line has just been resurfaced; contentious, public meeting, what do Walkers think? Some uphill.
Monday 20th April 2015Peter Sollars4½-5(NW) Hayling Island. Turn off right / west to coast. Car park at second garage on A3023 - SU 717029Flat; walk via Hayling Billy line, oyster beds, Northney, Permissive coastal path.
Wednesday 8th April 2015Tony Harrison5Bosham Recreation Ground, north side of village - SU 811034Via Gothic Farm, Hook Lane and Stonewall Farm. Flat walk; hopefully lots of primroses. Coffee stop only.
Tuesday 24th March 2015Peter Sollars4½-5East Meon. CP off Workhouse Lane - SU 677222Via Drayton, Halnaker Lane (approx.1 mile), Duncoombe Cottage & Small Down. One definite climb up; expect mud after recent rain.
Tuesday 10th March 2015Margaret Mathieson4South Harting Village, park with consideration - SU 785195Via South Downs Way and Torberry Hill. Climb up to South Downs Way decent to Torberry.
Tuesday 10th February 2015Roger Keynes5Petersfield, Heath CP SE of Pond - SU 755226Via Hangers Way to Buriton; return via Nursted House. Part valley to Buriton and field-walking; it will be rather muddy & wet under foot.
Wednesday 28th January 2015Tony Harrison5NatWest Bank Waterlooville; No.8 bus, 10.05am to Cosham.Via Highbury Grove, under Motorway, cross creek, Hilsea Lines and Footbridge to Lido. Flat walk; using different ways of transit in the Hilsea area.
Tuesday 13th January 2015Peter SollarsSouthwick, Public CP behind Golden Lion pub - SU 626086Flat walk via Lye Heath, Wanstead Farm, Little Belney Copse, Place Farm and village centre. Chance to view the large, part installed, Solar Farm.
Tuesday 30th December 2014Tony Harrison4Wickham car park, just past Fire station at top of Mill Lane - SU 575115SW along the old railway line to junction with main line; different return through Wickham centre. Flat country walk. (possible Extension north) Parking limited therefore car share
Monday 15th December 2014Peter Sollars5Finchdean, B2146 junction Park with consideration - SU 738127Via Old Idsworth, Chalton Down & Idsworth Down (Sussex Border Path). Hoping mud is not too ridiculous; waterproof boots essential. 2 hills up
Monday 1st December 2014Jean Webb4–5Chidham, Park with consideration near ‘House & Home’ - SU 787040Coastal walk around the Chidham peninsula, via Cobner Point
Monday 3rd November 2014Tony Harrison4 or 5Waterlooville, outside NW Bank; No.8 bus, 10.05 to PortsmouthVia old route of Portsmouth Canal as far as Fratton Station then old train route to Southsea. End at South Parade Pier.Historical-based stroll; NO hills! Return by bus
Tuesday 21st October 2014Peter Sollars5Waterlooville, outside Asda supermarketVia MDA new school, Closewood, Sheepwash and Newlands-Farms. Level countryside, muddy, few stiles; first, see new development
Tuesday 7th October 2014Tony Harrison4 or 5Waterlooville, outside NW Bank; No.8 bus, 10.05, to Cosham Heath CentreVia Highbury and Portcreek Junction to ‘old’ Hilton Hotel, return on south side of Hilsea Lines. Level except for steps up 2 bridges. Return buses from Hilsea Lido 4 miles or Cosham Health Centre 5 miles
Monday 22nd September 2014Peter Sollars5Hambledon, bottom of High Street - SU 647151Via Windmill Hill, Chidden, Chidden Holt, Park Farm & Vineyard. ‘Gentle’ hills; several cross-fields, few stiles
Tuesday 9th September 2014Margaret Mathieson4Langstone, Public CP near Ship Inn - SU 719048Heritage Walk around Havant. Flat walk, stopping to discuss historic buildings
Monday 11th August 2014Peter Sollars4-5West Marden, B2146 junction - SU 772136Via Lyecommon and Up Marden. Some cross-field walking, undulating, good views
Wednesday 30th July 2014Tony HarrisonRowlands Castle Recreation Ground - SU 730108Via Forestside and South Holt Farm
Tuesday 15th July 2014Tony Syms4½-5Southwick, CP at back of Red Lion - SU 625086Via Nelson’s Monument, Fort Nelson & Ashley Down Farm. Wear long trousers and have walking pole; great views
Monday 30th June 2014Peter Sollars5-5½Stoughton Down CP - SU 815126Via East Marden, Stripeshill Copse, Inholmes Wood & Wildham Barn. Several climbs, several Woods a few stiles
Monday 16th June 2014Sylvia Holder4-5Stansted, The Slip CP - SU 754103Via Broadreed Farm
Tuesday 3rd June 2014Margaret MathiesonPetersfield Heath Pond CP - SU 755226‘Blue Plaque’ guided tour around Petersfield. Walk around Petersfield to look at interesting historic buildings
Monday 19th May 2014Peter Sollars4½ to 5Hambledon, bottom of High Street - SU 647151Via Wayfarer’s Walk, Hambledon Lane, Hole Farm & Cam’s Hill. A few ups and downs, one earthy Byway, some cross-fields
Tuesday 6th May 2014Peter SollarsHayling Island, Sinah Common (off Ferry Rd.) - SZ 700994Via coast, West Town, St. Mary’s church, Newtown & Hayling Billy line. Flat landscape but good seaward views; could have lunch afterwards
Tuesday 22nd April 2014Margaret Mathieson4½ to 5Iping Common CP just South of A272 - SU 852220Via Stedham, River Rother & Iping. Relatively flat, includes river walk
Monday. 7th April 2014Peter SollarsRowlands Castle Recreation Gd. CP - SU 730107Via Deerslaughter Plain, The Avenue, Staunton Way & north to Row.Castle church. Relatively flat, mud; Staunton Country Park & lesser-known Footpaths
Tuesday 25th March 2014Tony Harrison7 or lessWaterlooville ‘centre’ Catch No. 8 bus to CoshamVia Hilsea Lido, Tipner, Commercial Rd. Prom. Southsea Centre. Flat walk with a variety of scenery; return via No. 7 or No. 8 bus
Wednesday 12th March 2014Peter Sollars5+East Meon CP off Workhouse Lane - SU 677222Via Halnaker lane, South DownsWay, Small Down, Oxenbourne House & Frogmore, Hill up then down; surface condition, generally very wet / muddy at present
Monday 24th February 2014Margaret Mathieson4Old Winchester Hill CP off Old Winchester Hill Lane - SU 645214Down then up via the Lanes. Steep on the way back; excellent views all around
Monday 10th February 2014Tony HarrisonBosham Recreation Ground (left as village entered) - SU 811044Via (Itchenor-) -Ferry Barn, Bosham Channel and Bosham Quay, Flat walk around the area, part coastal
Monday 27th January 2014Peter Sollars5Southbourne/Nutbourne layby south of A259 Hill Brow - SU 775056Via Prinsted, Emsworth Marina, Thornham Point, and Nutbourne, Part coastal, flat, some muddy stretches.
Monday 13th January 2014Tony Syms3Fort Widley - SU 654 064North by Mill Lane, return up Portsdown Hill by Pigeon House Lane; mud in between! Great views, mostly tarmac Lanes
Tuesday 31st December 2013Tony HarrisonRowlands Castle, outside Hardware shop - SU 733106Outward to Stansted then return back to Rowlands Castle, If sufficient ‘demand’, can stop off at Garden Centre Cafe
Tuesday 17th December 2013Peter Sollars5Durford Heath CP, take care entering! SE off B2070, Hill Brow - SU 790260Via Combe Hill, Tullecombe, Rogate Lodge, Halecommon, Tipsall Bottom, Several Woods, views to south; expect some mud + some ‘sloops’ up
Monday 2nd December 2013Peter Sollars5East Meon CP off Workhouse Lane - SU 677222Via Frogmore, ‘five-ways’, Ramsdean, Sir William’s Hill & Park Hill, Edge of village, cross fields, old tracks then UP!-Park Hill & descent
Monday 18th November 2013Tony SymsBat & Ball pub, Clanfield to Hambledon road - SU 677166Via Old Mill-, Hinton Manor - Lane & North Farm; half on tarmac lanes, few stiles, gentle slopes, Followed by ‘informal (pre-Christmas) meal’ at the pub
Monday 4th November 2013Margaret Mathieson5Chalton, Public CP just past Red Lion - SU 731160Via Huckswood Lane, Ladyholt & Sussex Border Path
Tuesday 22nd October 2013Tony Harrison5Clanfield, old well in main street - SU 697167Via Little Hyden Wood, SD Way, Blagdon Farm, Thieves Lane & Green Lane. Hill up, through woods then some bridleways and back ‘down’
Monday 7th October 2013Peter Sollars5-5½Lower Grenville Copse, mud-surface layby just off B2150 - SU 634171Via Stoke Wood, Brockbridge, Crookhorn Lane and Long Road. Woods and Cross-fields; not too hilly
Monday 23rd September 2013Sylvia Holder4-5Stansted Garden Centre CP - SU 759101Via Forestside Church and Broadreed Farm. Woods and some cross-field paths; no real hills
Wednesday 11th September 2013Margaret Mathieson4Chalton, public CP just past Red Lion - SU 731160Via Idsworth Down, Heberdens & Huckswood Lane. Hills up, down and ‘real’ hill up towards the end.
Tuesday 27th August 2013Peter Sollars5+Southwick, layby off B2177 just south of Park Lake - SU 630082Pilgrim’s Trail, Hockheath Farm, Portland Coppice & Lye Heath. Tramp around the lesser known Footpaths and woods east of Southwick; not hilly / somewhat ‘rough’
Monday 12th August 2013Tony Harrison4.5Buses to Beachlands Hayling Island - SZ 714 989Walking west along coast to Hayling Ferry (£2.50 single); coastal route ex Eastney to South Parade Pier or Gunwharf. Suggest 09.37, No.39 bus ex Waterlooville to Havant then 10.20 No. 30 to Hayling
Wednesday 31st July 2013Sheila Walters4.5Walderton corner - SU 788104Via Lyecommon. No stiles, one longish ‘up’
Monday 22nd July 2013Peter Sollars6Gosport Ferry, No.8 First bus to The Hard Ferry, approx. 10.30, return ticket cost, £1.90. S.CitWalking east via Haslar Bridge, Solent Way, Fort Gilkicker and coast; return via Alverstoke & Cockle Pond. Longer than usual but flat coastal walking and some interesting urban stretches
Wednesday 3rd July 2013Tony Harrison5Rowlands Castle hardware shop. Parking in Recn Ground or Green - SU 733 106Tour around Stansted
Monday 17th June 2013Tony Syms5Hunston, small public CP off Chichester Canal (share transport) - SU 865023Towards Dell Quay then past Chichester Yacht Marina. Dead-flat walk
Tuesday 4th June 2013Peter Sollars5Petersfield, CP off Sussex Road, just past Heath Pond - SU 754226Via Hangers Way to Buriton and return via Nursted House. Interesting valley ‘out’; expect some mud & undulations.
Monday 20th May 2013Sylvia Holder5Langstone, Public CP, Ship Inn - SU 719047Via Conigar Point, Emsworth; return via Warblington. Flat, coastal walk
Tuesday 7th May 2013Peter Sollars5West Marden, junction of B2146 (park with consideration) - SU 772136Via Robin Wood, Compton & Bottom Copse. Hills, few stiles; copses and downland
Wednesday 24th April 2013Sheila Walters5Chilgrove, Public CP, by White Horse pub - SU 829145Via Hooksway (leader can offer lift for 2/3 people). Some hills, nothing ‘dreadful’ and a few stiles
Monday 8th April 2013Tony Harrison5Blendworth, CP next to Fire Station - SU 750059Walk around the Blendworth area. Few stiles, some gentle hills
Wednesday 27th March 2013Peter Sollars5+Hambledon, bottom of High Street, near shops - SU 646151Via Glidden Farm, Scotland, The Peak and Park Farm; NE of Hambledon, Few stiles but one ‘uphill’ and some cross-field transit
Monday 11th March 2013Tony Syms5Hunston, public CP off Chichester Canal - SU 865023Towards Dell Quay then past Chichester Yacht Marina, Dead flat walk
Wednesday 27th February 2013Margaret MathiesonFort Nelson public CP - SU 607070Via Boarhunt church and Offwell Farm, One hill up + one down, Nelson’s Monument; Café – at the ‘end’.
Tuesday 12th February 2013Peter Sollars5Durford Heath CP,off ‘old’ A3, near Hill brow; Take care when entering, share cars - SU 790260Via - Sussex Border Path, Durford Court, Stodham Park & Stodham Lane, Some hills, few stiles; choose route to try and avoid the mud!
Tuesday 29th January 2013Tony Harrison4 - 5Emsworth Brook Meadow CP off North Street (just N of A259); note Charge - SU 750059Via Meadow Nature Reserve, yacht basin, Mill Pond & Wayfarers Walk, Flat walk, part coastal
Tuesday 15th January 2013Peter Sollars5Hambledon, bottom of High Street, near shops - SU 646151Via Rushmere, Bury Lodge, Cams Hill and Wayfarer’s Walk, A few stiles, a little bit of ‘uphill’; around the eastern and southern periphery of the village
Wednesday 2nd January 2013Tony Syms4½ - 5Purbrook Heath Playing Field CP - SU 669079Up and down Portsdown Hill; almost all the way on tarmac lanes, Great views; to North Hampshire to South Portsmouth / I.of W.
Tuesday 18th December 2012Tony Harrison5Bosham grass parking area, south off A259 roundabout to T-junction, turn left, parking after 2nd house Flat - SU 811 044Via Fishbourne & Chichester Channel
Tuesday 4th December 2012Peter Sollars5Southbourne/Nutbourne - SU 775056Nutbourne, Thornham Point, Emsworth Marina & Prinsted Part-coastal (flat!); trying to avoid muddy stretches!
Tuesday 20th November 2012Margaret Mathieson5North End Park Lane BW near Tesco Express - SU 699102Via Hermitage stream, Queens Enclosure & Hazelton Common No stiles, not hilly; suburban walking
Monday 5th November 2012Peter SollarsEast Meon EHDC CP off Workhouse Lane - SU 677222Via Halnaker Lane / SD Way Salt Hill, Lower Farm & FrogmoreHills, some mud; good views, interesting SDNP paths
Monday 22nd October 2012Peter Sollars6Chalton public CP - SU 731160Via Huckswood Lane, Robin Wood, (near) Heberdens & Idsworth Down Hills, two up & two down, a few stiles
Tuesday 9th October 2012Tony HarrisonWaterlooville, No. 37 bus to QECP (5½ to Cowplain)Return to Horndean via Windmill Hill, New Barn Farm & Blendworth Several stiles, two hills
Monday 24th September 2012Peter SollarsChalton - SU 731160 public CP just past Red LionVia Huckswood Lane, Robin Wood, (near) Heberdens & Idsworth Down Hills, two up & two down, a few stiles
Tuesday 11th September 2012Sylvia Holder5+Stansted SU 759100, the Garden Centre CPVia the Stansted Estate Flat, two stiles; optional light lunch in Tea Rooms
Tuesday 28th August 2012Margaret Mathieson4-5Compton Park at Compton Recreation Ground (just south of village off B2146) - SU 775145Via Up Marden Hills and views
Wednesday 15th August 2012Tony Syms5Steep Cricketers pub CP - SU 736254Walking north to the top of Shoulder of Mutton Hill; incl. memorial to Edward Thomas poet. Stiff / ‘longish’ climb up but it will be taken slowly.
Wednesday 1st August 2012Tony Harrison5Havant Bus Station Bus to south Hayling Island, ‘Beachlands’West Town and north along Hayling Billy line. FLAT; coastal walking.
Tuesday 17th July 2012Margaret Mathieson5Woolbeding. NT CP, NE side Common - SU 870 260 North off A272 to Midhurst.Via Upper North Pak Farm & Furnace Pond (archaeological site, old Iron workings) One ‘steepish’ incline, a few stiles
Friday 8th June 2012Sheila WaltersStoughton Down CP off minor road Walderton- Stoughton-E. Marden; at 90 deg.bend / edge of large wood - SU 815 125Via Wildham Barn and Pitlands
Wednesday 23rd May 2012Peter SollarsWest Marden junction of B2146, park with consideration in village - SU 772136To-the-North loop, via Bottom Copse, Compton, 100 Acre Farm and Telegraph Hill
Tuesday 8th May 2012Tony Harrison4 ½Merchistoun Hall HorndeanVia back-of-Morrisons, Sheepwash Lane, Queens Enclosure & Hazelton Common
Tuesday 10th April 2012Margaret MathiesonHayling Island Coastal CP just after 2nd / Esso garage (turn right at turquoise-painted bungalow)Via Northney & Hayling Billy Line
Monday 26th March 2012Tony HarrisonFort Nelson Council CP opposite the FortVia Porchester and coast
Tuesday 13th March 2012Peter Sollars5Hambledon the bottom of High Street, near shopsVia Wayfarer’s Walk, Hole Farm, Madam’s Copse & Bury Lodge
Monday 27th February 2012Margaret Mathieson4NT Hindhead / Devil’s Punch Bowl CP; £3 parking charge for non-NT’sHindhead Common, Nutcombe Valley and (new) Miss James’ Bridge
Monday 13th February 2012Tony Syms4Purbrook Heath CP (left hand side of road over-looking Playing Field)North-side ascent of- and along- Portsdown Hill (turn westwards off of A3 just south of Purbrook village)
Monday 30th January 2012Tony Harrison4Havant, Bus StationVia Havant Museum, Royal Oak, Warblington Church & Pook Lane
Wednesday 18th January 2012Peter Sollars4West Marden, the T-junction with B2146; park with considerationVia Lyecommon, Watergate, Watergate Hanger & West Marden Copse
Monday 19th December 2011Peter SollarsClanfield, South Lane Meadow CP; share carsVia Catherington-,-church –Lith and Hinton Manor A few stiles, some ‘small’ hills
Monday 5th December 2011Tony Harrison4½ or 5North of Bosham CP, Leave A259 roundabout, south to T-junction, turn left, CP to left after 2nd house - SU 811 044Via Fishbourne, south past Mill Pond, follow water’s edge back and back to Bosham Part coastal walk, 5 mile option includes Bosham centre; flat.
Wednesday 23rd November 2011Peter SollarsBedhampton, CP between Church & Bidbury Mead Recreation GroundVia coast (Southmoor) Langstone and Wayfarer’s Walk return Coastal walk with good views; return paths are less well-used and may be new to many members
Wednesday 9th November 2011Margaret Mathieson4Iping Common CP, south side of A272 after Trotton BridgeStedham Mill, River Rother and Iping Part riverside walk; two short inclines,
Monday 24th October 2011Tony Harrison4Cosham (bus) interchange, 10.15 - after No. 41(?) bus journeyHilsea & Hilsea Lines
Tuesday 11th October 2011Peter Sollars8.5Whitelink Ferry Port, Portsmouth.09.30 to catch 10.00 car-ferry; 18.00 ferry returnBrading to Bembridge, pub lunch, return walk via Culver Cliff. Hills Fill cars, each driver booked in advance; Super Saver £35.50 or £39.50 thus ferry cost = £10-£12 each (plus shared petrol cost). Booked pub lunch at Bembridge
Monday 26th September 2011Margaret Mathieson4Walderton/Stoughton turn-off on the B2146Via Watergate
Wednesday 14th September 2011Peter Sollars5East Meon CP, off Workhouse LaneVia Frogmore, Ramsdean, Sir William’s Hill & Park HillCross fields, along old tracks then UP! a hill, descend down Park Hill; great views, few stiles
Wednesday 31st August 2011Tony Harrison5+Havant Museum (for coffee etc.)Via Hayling Billy Line to coast / Beachlands; bus return to HavantLinear, flat walk, no(?) stiles. Bring Bus Pass
Tuesday 16th August 2011Tony Syms4Royal Oak pub CP, Hooksway; off the B2141 - SU 815162ascending to Devil’s Jumps and Beacon Hill using S. Downs Way Hilly, wooded & arable land, fine views, entirely off road, some high stiles
Monday 1st August 2011Margaret MathiesonWoolbeding Common NT CP (north off A272, just before Midhurst)Via Pound Common & Older Hill Bracken-covered and part-wooded uplands; hill at the end.
Tuesday 19th July 2011Peter Sollars5Leigh Park Gardens CPVia Staunton Way, Neville’s Park, Park Lane & The Avenue Flat; follow Hermitage & other streams then woods, bridleways and tree-lined avenue.
Monday 4th July 2011Tony HarrisonKidmore Lane CP, DenmeadVia Ashling Park Road into Creech Woods and return through Meadend A different way out of Denmead, to the South!! Basically flat; some woodland
Tuesday 21st June 2011Peter SollarsKidmore Lane CP, DenmeadVia Wayfarer’s Walk, Rushmere, Sawyer’s Hill and Little Denmead Farm Two ‘slight’ hills; get to know the farming landscape north of Denmead
Tuesday 7th June 2011Margaret Mathieson4Queen Elizabeth Country Park Centre CPEastern edge of park, uphill to Holt Down Plantation Views across to Isle of Wight, downhill finish back to the Tearoom
Monday 23rd May 2011Peter Sollars5Leigh Park Gardens CP (possible CP charge)Via The Avenue, Park Lane, Neville’s Park & The Staunton Way Flat; follow tree-lined avenue, bridleways, woods & Hermitage & other streams.
Wednesday 11th May 2011Tony Harrison4-5Bosham, small ‘open space’ by Playing Field; turn left at village’s first T-junction, on left past 1st house house - SU 811 044Local walk Flat, coast and near-coast walking
Wednesday 27th April 2011Peter Sollars4-5Footpath just south of Waterlooville Fire StationWest and towards Sheepwash Farm, Wayfarer’s Walk, back east to Newlands- & Plant-Farms Walking (partly) through new W. of Waterlooville MDA, before it’s developed (soon!)
Monday 11th April 2011Margaret Mathieson4Hayling Island, CP off Ferry Road (by the old gun emplacement)Via sea front, St.Mary’s Church and Hayling Billy line. Flat, interesting mixed –bag of vistas including the coast
Wednesday 30th March 2011Peter Sollars5Durford Wood NT CP, (just east, off ‘old’ A3, Hill Brow area) (Note, CP charge)Via Sussex Border Path, Halecommon, Tullecombe and Lodge Hill Woods, hills, sandy area but two bridleways.
Wednesday 16th March 2011Peter Sollars5Leigh Park Gardens CP off B2149 to Havant (Note, CP charge)Via Staunton Way, Stockheath, Neville’s Park, Park Lane and Bridleways East & South Interesting by-stream meander through what most people think is all houses! Bridleway return; various surfaces, essentially flat.
Monday 28th February 2011Tony HarrisonWaterlooville (central bus stop area) to catch just-before 10.00 bus to Cosham Interchange (10.15)Via Hilsea creek, east side Portsea Island, Milton Lock, Eastney Swimming pool to South Parade Pier Flat, near-coast walking; Milton Common coffee stop, later good stop-off points for snacks- bus-return ex S.P.Pier or Gunwharf
Tuesday 15th February 2011Margaret Mathieson5Fort Nelson CP, off Portsdown HillVia Porchester and coast Some road walking, coastal section ; views superb
Wednesday 2nd February 2011Peter Sollars4Butser Hill, Top CP Note:- parking chargeVia Limekiln Lane, Leythe House & Pillow Mound Hill down, country roads & steep hill up (North side Butser); a ‘Winter warmer’!
Tuesday 18th January 2011Peter Sollars5Stoughton Down CP (off the road from Walderton) then 1pm, 2011-lunch at Barley Mow, WaldertonVia Up Marden & Wildham Barn; Some muddy? bridleways; hills but good views at Up Marden.
Tuesday 4th January 2011Tony Harrison5-6Rowlands Castle Hardware shop, railway-bridge end of greenVia Forestside, Wythy Piece, Stansted House and Holme Farm Stansted Forest, fields and possible (deserved!) drink + snack at the Tearooms.
Wednesday 8th December 2010Tony Harrison5Catherington Down CP (off Catherington Lane)Via the Downs and Lovedean area A few hills; 3 / 4 stiles
Wednesday 24th November 2010Margaret Mathieson4-5Deers hut pub, situated just off the Griggs Green A3 junction. Share carsVia Langley One hill at start but relatively flat
Wednesday 27th October 2010Peter Sollars5Petersfield Heath Pond CPVia west of Causeway, Bolinge Hill Farm, Buriton &Hangers Way A few stiles, possibly some mud but lovely valley to return to Petersfield
Wednesday 13th October 2010Tony HarrisonHavant museum CPVia Langstone, Emsworth & Warblington church Coastal (mainly) & flat; coffee stop at Emsworth
Wednesday 29th September 2010Margaret Mathieson4+Droxford, east side of A32 in village close to churchVia Soberton & Meon valley railway line. One hill (Soberton Down)
Wednesday 15th September 2010Paul Stone7+10.00 Car Ferry, Portsmouth to FishbourneIsle of Wight (around Ryde area and coast) Lunch stop at St Helens; return on 18.00 ferry.
Tuesday 31st August 2010Peter Sollars4½ -5Emsworth (north) CP next to Recreation Ground off Southleigh Rd. turn left off B2148 after R.CastleVia Southleigh Forest, Westbourne Common, River Ems & Lumley Walking in forest, through v. interesting village & riverside. Flat, two stiles
Wednesday 18th August 2010Peter SollarsHorndean CP on Blendworth Lane (by Fire Station)Via Blendworth, Idsworth House, Rowlands Castle & The Holt ‘1½’ assents, some cross fields tracks (some mud??), some stiles.
Wednesday 4th August 2010Paul Stone5 – 6Northney public C.P. on north side of Northney Road, opposite Recreation Ground; after turn left by first garage at the far end of the bridgeVia west coast of Hayling Island & Stoke
Wednesday 21st July 2010Geoff SmithSouthwick, village CP ‘behind’ Golden Lion pub (access off High Street via mini-roundabout into North Drive/M o D)Via Boarhunt church & Mill. Nice views, site of old/Medieval village. One slight incline, few stiles, X-field path & tracks, short section of B-road.
Tuesday 6th July 2010Peter Sollars4½ -5Hambledon, High Street, opposite shopsVia, Speltham Down, Bury Lodge, Menslands Lane, Hole Farm & Boarhuts Copse Around SW corner of the Hambledon parish; few inclines, stiles & X-fields
Wednesday 23rd June 2010Paul Stone4 – 5Rowlands Castle, Recreation Ground CPVia Finchdean & Idsworth
Fridayd 8th June 2010Sheila WaltersStoughton Down CP (off minor road Walderton- Stoughton-E. Marden; at 90 deg.bend / edge of large wood) - SU 815 125Via Wildham Barn and Pitlands bit hilly, one stile; lovely views
Wednesday 23rd May 2010Peter SollarsWest Marden junction of B2146 (park with consideration in village) - SU 772136To-the-North loop, via Bottom Copse, Compton, 100 Acre Farm and Telegraph Hill, Good views; hills, a few stiles
Tuesday 8th May 2010Tony Harrison4 ½Merchistoun Hall HorndeanVia back-of-Morrisons, Sheepwash Lane, Queens Enclosure & Hazelton Common Some of the greener parts of Horndean & Cowplain; no real hills just slopes
Tuesday 10th April 2010Margaret MathiesonHayling Island Coastal CP just after 2nd / Esso garage (turn right at turquoise-painted bungalow)Via Northney & Hayling Billy Line Views from both west and east coast lines at the north of the Island
Monday 26th March 2010Tony HarrisonFort Nelson Council CP opposite the FortVia Porchester and coast One long ‘steady’ hill + café at the Museum at the end of walk.
Tuesday 13th March 2010Peter Sollars5Hambledon the bottom of High Street, near shopsVia Wayfarer’s Walk, Hole Farm, Madam’s Copse & Bury Lodge Hill up towards Soberton, some muddy tracks and copses then ‘undulating’+ a few stiles
Monday 27th February 2010Margaret Mathieson4NT Hindhead / Devil’s Punch Bowl CP; £3 parking charge for non-NT’sHindhead Common, Nutcombe Valley and (new) Miss James’ Bridge ‘Quiet Walk’ (old road is being taken up). 2 short slopes
Monday 13th February 2010Tony Syms4Purbrook Heath CP left hand side of road over-looking Playing FieldNorth-side ascent of- and along- Portsdown Hill (turn westwards off of A3 just south of Purbrook village)Views across Portsea, coast & Isle of Wight + Hants countryside. Almost entirely tarmac lanes
Monday 30th January 2010Tony Harrison4Havant, Bus StationVia Havant Museum, Royal Oak, Warblington Church & Pook Lane Sea shore walk, flat
Wednesday 18th January 2010Peter Sollars4West Marden, the T-junction with B2146; park with considerationVia Lyecommon, Watergate, Watergate Hanger & West Marden Copse Some cross-fields, some ‘ups & downs’, a few stiles

Details of walks since January 2013 taken from Peter Sollars' spreadsheets. Roger Keynes provided the details of the walks from 2010 to 2012.