Speakers for 2019

July 9th , Neil Watson , Old Boston and Lincolnshire

Aug 6th, Mark Walsh, Working With June Whitfield

Sept 3rd, Jacqui Wood Sleep Well Live Well

Oct 1st Chrissie Chapman, "The Hero Vanishes - Sir John Franklin "(With Apologies to Alfred Hitchcock)

Nov 5th Derek Tindall, Birds of Prey


Speakers for 2020

Jan 7th Brian Davey,'Lawless and immoral' Policing a country town 1838 - 1857.

Feb 4th Tom Lane, Nigel Creasey and Teri Clark 'Customs and Traditions of Lincolnshire' Songs and Stories.

March 3rd Paul Bryan, 'Fen Bank Greyhound Sanctuary and the history of the breed'.

April 7th David Barton, 'A talk on World War 2 Entertainment'.

May 5th Ms Judith Cole, 'Sweet Treats'.

June 2nd David Palmer, 'TV Auctioneer'.

July 2nd Ken Richard, 'Living in Antarctica'.