Horncastle U3A’s quarterly Newsletter is a great medium for keeping members up to date with the activities of our 31varied interest groups, gives contact details of group leaders and the Committee, and meeting dates. Furthermore, it aims to create, within our membership, interest of events that have taken place or are about to, and wider news of U3A nationally.
Additionally, as the Newsletter is available on our website, it does give the opportunity for the wider U3A membership to have a taste of what we do, and perhaps visit us to enjoy our monthly general meetings, and speaker entertainment.
I took over Editorship of the Newsletter, 12 months ago with some trepidation – not having any previous experience, and following in the footsteps of other seasoned Editors. Over time, and with a new computer programme it became somewhat easier and very interesting to produce 20 pages that would keep people up to date and informed, coupled with some gentle humour to lighten up what I felt to be an overly serious journal.
The major difficulty, as with many organisations is to encourage people to submit ‘contributions’ for inclusion – without which, there would be NO Newsletter for people to enjoy.
Together, with the encouragement of the Chairman and Group coordinator I am hopeful that the minimal effort required to feed me information, the Newsletter will go from strength to strength.