Horley & District


Our programme of workshops has had to be suspended. It will start as soon as the U3A can resume its activities.

With such a small membership we can’t run as many groups as we’d like. However, there’s tremendous scope for ad hoc get-togethers which don’t necessarily involve the leader or members in a regular commitment. We floated the idea of the following workshops at the last general meeting and there was sufficient interest for some of them to start shortly.

We would very much like to run some workshops online, but need volunters to put them on. We are also hoping to co-operate with other local U3As to put on workshops open to all their members.

Wellbeing & Mindfulness will take place on Thursday mornings from 10:00 to 11:30 over a period of six weeks. Members will then be invited to continue as a group meeting once a month to refresh the skills they learnt at the workshops. Starting date to be negotiated once everyone has had a chance to express their interest.

British Islands Knitting seeks to explore the distinctive knitting styles of islands such as Aran, Shetland and Fairisle.

Rational Thinking is back on the agenda by popular demand. Even the most logical person will get a few shocks when they discover just how irrational they really are.

Singing for Pleasure will be hosted at Keeper's Corner where Denise has a piano for accompaniment. This will run on an ad hoc basis and is purely for fun.

Art for Pleasure. We all know how hard it is to find time to draw or paint just for fun. This is an informal get together to paint, share advice and natter.

Reminiscing is a nebulous idea which can become whatever people want it to be. Basically members get together over a cup of tea or coffee and recall their experiences of a specific theme like childhood holidays, train and bus journeys etc.