Hope Valley

.Past rides

13 October 2021 Anglers Rest, New Road, Bole Hill, Dennis Knoll, Hook's Car, Upper Burbage Bridge, Ringinglow, Alpaca Farm (Cafe stop). Ringinglow, Upper Burbage Bridge, Hook's Car, The Dale, Hathersage, Sickleholme. 16 miles, 2 riders.

8 September 2021 Great Hucklow, Wardlow Mires, Longstone Edge, Great Longstone, Hassop, Bubnell, Calver (cafe stop), Stoke, Eyam, Foolow, Grindlow, Great Hucklow. 18 miles, 2 riders.

11 August 2021 Mytham Bridge, Hathersage, Leadmill Bridge, Abney, Bretton, Eyam. Cafe stop at Stella's Kitchen. Foolow, Windmill, Moss Rake, Pin Dale, Hope, Brough, Mytham Bridge. 22 miles, 8 riders.

14 July 2021 Great Hucklow, Moss Rake, Batham Gate, Wheston, Tideswell (cafe stop). Litton, the Anchor, Wardlow, Housley, Foolow, Great Hucklow. 17 miles, 6 riders.

9 June 2021 Mytham Bridge, Hathersage, Leam, Sir William Road, the Barrel Inn. Snack break. Windmill, Moss Rake, Dirtlow Rake, Castleton, Hope, Mytham Bridge. 18 miles, 5 riders.

12 May 2021 Beeley Top, Matlock Farm Park, Slack, Butterley, Brackenfield, Ogston Reservoir. Coffee break. Handley, Littlemor, Alton, Stone Edge, Beeley Top. 20 miles, 8 riders.

14 April 2021 Hartington Station, Biggin, Minninglow, Longcliffe, Brassington, Bradbourne, Bradbourne Mill, Tissington. Tea break. Tissington Trail back to start. 20 miles, 6 riders.

9 December 2020 Moss Rake, the Anchor, Litton, Millers Dale. Monsal Trail to Thornbridge, Great Longstone, Little Longstone, Monsal Head (snack stop), Castcliff, Housley, Foolow, Windmill, Little Hucklow. Moss Rake. 20 miles, 5 riders.

14 October 2020: Mytham Bridge, Thornhill Trail, Ladybower Dam, Ashopton. One group of 5: clockwise round resrvoirs: Fairholmes (cafe stop), King's Tree, Slippery Stones (break), eastern side of reservoirs. Other group of 5 went round anticlockwise. Ashopton and down main road through Bamford back to the start. 22 miles, 10 riders.

9 September 2020: (1st group of 4) Upperdale, Monsal Trail to Millers Dale, Wormhill, Smalldale, Wheston, Tideswell. Snack break. Little Hucklow, Windmill, Foolow, Hay Dale, Upperdale. (2nd group of 4) Same route in reverse, starting from Foolow. Break at Wormhill. 20 miles, 8 riders.

12 August 2020: Moss Rake, Little Hucklow, Windmill, Great Hucklow, Bretton, Eyam, Foolow, Tideswell (break), Wheston, Mount Pleasant Farm, Batham Gate back to the start. 18 miles, 8 riders.

10 March 2020: Over Haddon, Youlgrave, Middleton, Friden. High Peak Trail to Parsley Hay. Monyash (cafe stop). Haddon Grage, Over Haddon. 16 miles, 7 riders.

8 January 2020: Mytham Bridge, Hathersage, Grindleford, Eyam (cafe stop). Foolow, Windmill, Little Hucklow, Bradwell, Mytham Bridge. 17 miles, 7 riders.

11 December 2019: Upperdale, Monsal Trail, Millers Dale Station, Blackwell Mill. Topley Pike car park, Blackwell Mill, Hassop Station (cafe stop). Thornbridge, Great and Little Longstones, Monsal Head, Upperdale. 17 miles, 8 riders.

13 November 2019: Bolsterstone, Deepcar, Transpennine Trail to Penistone (cafe stop), Transpennine Trail to Mill Green, Langsett (second cafe stop). Upper Midhope, Bolsterstone. 16 miles, 9 riders.

9 October 2019: Hulme End, Manifold Valley, Wetton Mill (cafe stop), Manifold Trail to Waterhouses, Cauldon (lunch at the Yew Tree Inn). Waterhouses, Waterfall, Butterton, Ecton, Trail to Hulme End (tea at cafe). 20 miles, 10 riders.

11 September 2019: Hathersage, Abney, Great Hucklow, Tideswell (cafe stop), Manchester Road, Bushey Heath Farm, Little Hucklow, Moss Rake, Dirtlow Rake, Pin Dale, Hope, Brough, Hathersage. 21 miles, 4 riders.

14 August 2019: Ashopton, Slippery Stones (via east side of reservoirs), Kings Tree, Fairholmes (cafe stop), Ashopton. 15 miles, 6 riders.

10 July 2019: New Mills Central, Peak Forest Canal towpath to Marple. Macclesfield Canal, Middlewood Way, Lyme Park (cafe stop). Disley, Hague Bar and back to station. 16 miles, 6 riders.

10 April 2019: Parsley Hay, High Peak Trail to Sparklow. Earl Sterndale, Glutton Bridge, Longnor (cafe stop). Sheen, Hartington (another cafe stop). Up Hartington Dale to join the Tissington Trail at Hartington Signal Box, Tissington Trail back to Parsley Hay. 17 miles, 5 riders.

12 December 2018: Sickleholme, Hathersage, Leadmill, Hazelford, Sir William Hill road, Mompesson's Well, Highcliffe, Bretton, Great Hucklow, Windmill, Castleton Lane. Then the group split to go their separate ways. 16 miles, 3 riders.

14 November 2018: Chinley station, Whitehough, Peak Forest Tramway to Bugsworth Basin, Peak Forest Canal to New Mills, Sett Valley Trail to Hayfield. Coffee etc. at the Royal Hotel. Returned the same way (except Pennine Cycleway: New Mills to Furness Vale). 15 miles, 7 riders.

10 October 2018: Yorkshire Bridge, Ladybower, east side of reservoirs, Slippery Stones, returned to Fairhomes cafe, west side of reservoirs to Westend bridge, then back to Yorkshire Bridge. 23 miles. 6 riders (started).

12 September 2018: Ringinglow, Upper Burbage Bridge, Fidler's Elbow, Hathersage Booths. Returned the same way to Ringinglow. Fulwood Lane, Wyming Brook Farm, Redmires Road to its end. Returned the same way to Ringinglow. Cafe stop at Mayfield Alpacas. 15 miles. 5 riders.

8 August 2018: Low Bradfield, Annet Bridge, Blindside Lane, Hoar Stones Road, Ughill, Dungworth, Stacey Bank, Langlands Garden Centre (cafe stop), Holdworth, Kirk Edge, High Bradfield, Low Bradfield. 10 miles. 5 riders.

11 July 2018: Parsley Hay, High Peak Trail, Parwich, Alsop le Dale, Tissington Trail, Parley Hay. 18 miles. 6 riders.

13 June 2018: Hope (Courtyard Cafe), Edale, Lee House, Edale (cafe stop at the Penny Pot), Hope. 14 miles. 5 riders.

9 May 2018: Millers Dale station, Litton (cafe stop), Cressbrook, Monsal Head, Little Longstone, Great Longstone, Hassop, Hassop station (cafe stop), Monsal Trail back to Millers Dale. 16 miles. 3 riders.

11 April 2018: Hathersage, Hook Carr, Dennis Knoll, Yorkshire Bridge. 5 miles. 3 riders. (Horrible weather)

9 August 2017: Ashopton, Fairholmes, Slippery Stones, Ashopton, Yorkshire Bridge Inn. 17 miles, 4 riders.

12 July 2017: Parsley Hay, Tissington Trail to Tissington (cafe stop), Bradbourne, Carsington Water, Carsington, Hopton, High Peak Trail back to Parsley Hay. 28 Miles, 4 riders.

14 June 2017: Yorkshire Bridge, Ashopton, Slippery Stones, Fairholmes (cafe stop), Ashopton, Yorkshire Bridge. 18 miles, 6 riders.

10 May 2017: Moscar Heights, Sugworth, Ughill, Dungworth, Crawshaw Lodge, Moscar Heights. 10 miles, 7 riders.

12 April 2017: Hathersage station, Leadmill, Hazelford, Sir William Hill, back the same way to Leadmill, Mellors (round building for lunch). 6 miles, 5 riders. 3 riders continued via Abney & Bretton.

8 March 2017: Hope (Courtyard Cafe), Edale, Upper Booth, Lee House, Edale, Hope (cafe). 14 miles, 7 riders.

8 February 2017: 5 Pits Trail. Grassmoor Country Park, Tibshelf, Teversal. 17 miles, 7 riders.

12 October 2016: Yorkshire Bridge, Ashopton, Fairholmes, Kings Tree, Fairholmes (cafe stop), Ashopton, Yorkshire Bridge. 17 miles, 3 riders.

16 March 2016: Strines Inn, Moscar Cross, Sugworth, Ughill, Damflask, Low Bradfield, Strines Inn (coffee stop). 11 miles, 3 riders.

13 January 2016: Fairholmes, Kings Tree, Slippery Stones and back the same way. 11 miles, 3 riders.

11 November 2015: Hulme End. Manifold Way to Waterhouses. Back the same way to Hulme End (drinks etc. at the Manifold Inn). 17 miles, 5 riders.

14 October 2015: Middleton Top, High Peak Trail to Parsley Hay (cafe stop), Tissington Trail to Tissington, Bradbourne, Carsington, Middleton Top. 30 miles, 3 riders.

9 Septemer 2015: Yorkshire Bridge, Bole Hill, Dennis Knoll, Hollin Bank, Bronte Cottage, Bole Hill, Yorkshire Bridge, Woodlands Valley, Fairholmes, Derwent, Ashopton, Yorkshire Bridge. 20 miles, 5 riders.

5 August 2015: Hope (Courtyard Cafe), Hathersage, Grindleford, Calver, Hassop station, Monsal Trail to Blackwell Mill (cafe stop), Monsal Trail to Millers Dale station, Tideswell (lunch at the Anchor), Bradwell. 29 miles, 5 riders.

8 July 2015: Hope (Courtyard Cafe), Brough, Thornhill, Ladybower Dam, Ashopton, Fairholmes, Kings Tree (cafe stop), Fairholmes (cafe stop), Derwent, Ashopton. 21 miles, 3 riders.