Holderness History

Details of historical people, places and events from the Holderness area as researched by the Holderness U3A Local History Group.

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"Four Collisions and a Funeral" - The Story of Withernsea Pier History of the pier at Withernsea from it's construction in 18?? to it's demolition in 18?? and all the ship collisions that happened throughout it's lifetime

"BBC Radio Ottringham Calling" - Have you ever tuned into BBC Radio Ottringham? Possibly not as this radio station was shutdown in 1953 but played a part in transmitting information into northern Europe during the Second World War. The radio station was located on the A1033 to the east of Ottringham at a site which is now an industrial estate used for the fabrication of temporary buildings.


"Richard the Third Visits Paull" Richard Duke of York (later Richard III) heads for Paull to avoid the storm

"Wife for Sale" on the 4th February 1806 George Gawthorpe of Patrington did just this!

"A Duel to the Death" On the 15th May 1618 Philip Constable of Wassand Hall was killed in a duel by Edmund ( or Edward?) Percy. Constable is buried in Goxhill where he is mentioned on a tablet in St Giles church.

"Earthquake at Meux" 27th March 1349

"A Fleet Gathering in the Humber" In 1332 claimant to the Scottish throne, Edward Balliol gathered 88 ships in the Humber

"A Suspicious Death" In 1312 John de Sutton was involved in the death of Piers Gaveston


"Withernseas Famous" Famous people with a Withernsea connection

"Coxwain Robert Cross" was born in 1876 and died in 1964 aged 88. He joined Spurn Lifeboat Service in 1902 and served for 31 years. He
retired in 1943 at the age of 67 having taken part in the rescue of 453 lives. He was the most decorated member of the service being awarded a
gold medal twice, the silver medal three times. a bronze medal twice and the George Medal.

His career was decided when he was out with the Flamborough lifeboat assisting in the rescue of several fishing boats caught in a storm. Two boats were lost and among those drowned were Mr.Cross' brother and his two sons.

During the second world war he took part in the rescue of 244 lives.