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HITCHIN U3A committee for 2020/21 is :

Chairman - Norman West
Vice Chairman - Martin Alexander (& Programme Secretary)
Treasurer - Margaret Hughes (& Beacon)
Secretary - Marian Pullinger
Membership Sec - Rosemary Rundle (& Reception)
Groups Secretary - Mary Ireland
Members -Carol Ingham
.Maggie Killingbeck
.Brian Marsden
.June Parker
Co-Opted -Maroula Robertson
.Dennis Sexton

Volunteers As you can see, in many cases, the members of your committee are doubling up on duties. Mary in particular would like support in managing the groups, but we are always looking for support with the Reception, Hospitality, Roadies, website support and the myriad tasks that keep your U3A running.

If you would like to volunteer in any these tasks, even on an ad hoc basis, or are able to provide specialist support to help run YOUR U3A, please let any of the above know.

-'many hands make light work'

Hitchin U3A operates within its constitution. Click on the link to view

Herts Network of U3As
Click on the link to find out more details of Network events and committee minutes. Martin and Steve are members of the Herts Network committee. If you have any questions that you would like to have raised at the Network level please let either Martin or Steve know.


Group Leaders - Incidents Involving U3A Members

In the unfortunate event that there is an incident involving a U3A member in your group then this MUST be reported. National U3A has devised a standard form to report such incidents. Please use the link to print off a copy of the form, complete and pass to a member of the committee for U3A records.



As part of the total government review of the way charities operate a policy on safeguarding is now required. The committee has documented the policy to be adopted by Hitchin U3A. This Policy and Procedure is written to enable the Hitchin U3A Committee to act appropriately whenever possible or where instances, or allegations of, actual abuse or neglect comes to their attention.

The summary document provides guidance on action U3A members should take if someone discloses instances of abuse to you.

Click on the link to read the full policy document and the summary.


GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

As you will be aware the new GDPR regulations came into effect recently. As you will also be aware Hitchin U3A holds certain information about its membership. We hold only the information supplied by members on the membership/renewal form. It is now held on the Beacon system - a secure database developed by U3A for U3As. Your details are are used solely for U3A purposes and will never be passed on to third parties.

Please read the Hitchin U3A Data Protection Policy document.

If you have any questions relating to data protection please contact a member of the committee who will address any concerns.



Some groups have expressed concern about the issue of copyright, particularly when it is so easy to download data off the internet. There are many copyright laws relating to, amongst others, books, journals, magazines, maps and newspapers; photographs, digital images, films and videos; recorded music, lyrics, composed music, recorded sound & artwork and sheet music.

Using includes : photocopying, scanning, downloading and public performance e.g. showing a film, singing/playing live music, performing live drama or musicals.

U3A has a number of licences which cover groups for much of the day to day usage of copyrighted material. These licences can be seen by clicking on the link to the right. It is recommended that group leaders who reproduce material take note and ensure they are covered.