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This page is for members to share any photos and activities that they think the full membership would enjoy reading about, such as a visit to a place of interest or an exhibition. Photographs are especially welcome - pictures say a thousand words !
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Wanderers a-wandering
Wanderers group - August 2020 The wanderers group have taken advantage of the lovely weather. Margaret led group of 8 round her estate making good use of the shade under the trees. 6 stayed to have a picnic they had brought, in Margaret's garden and had a good old chat. All socially distanced. The group seemed impressed.
Lazing on the Beach
Saroj has been out and about in Norfolk and spotted these seals on a beach taking advantage of seals 1-2008 the lack of people seals 2-2008 with everyone else in Bournemouth. It looks like some of them have taken advantage of the 'eat out to help out' offer and are indifferent to her presence. All except one who thinks this might be an invasion of privacy.
Walking Group - July
Walking group 20-07-1 As lockdown restrictions have eased then the walking group had its first attempt at a socially distanced walk, in bubbles of no more than six. A route with wide footpaths was chosen, and a shorter than normal walk just to get the limbs moving again. Because of the weather the date of the Walking group 20-07-2 walk was rescheduled at short notice but still ten regular walkers came along so we were able to create two bubbles. It was a lovely morning and everyone agreed it worked out well. More walks will be scheduled in the coming weeks. Keep a lookout for emails or check on the Events page.

Groups - Whatever approach a group agrees to take to keep your group active it must conform to current government guidelines. Safety for yourself and others must be paramount.

Please pass on this message to anyone you know who does not use electronic media.
Please keep in touch with friends.

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Visit the National website for the latest advice. National U3A will continue to update the advice when required in response to any further developments in the spread of the virus.


SCAMS - also be aware of scams relating to COVID-19. Herts CC has the following warning and advice :
- Fraudsters are exploiting the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus to facilitate various types of fraud and cyber crime SO
- Watch out for scam messages: Don’t click on the links or attachments in suspicious emails, and never respond to unsolicited messages and calls that ask for your personal or financial details.

Isn't it amazing just how quickly people jump on the bandwagon.

The Walking group

Feb 2020 - walking group 1 The Walking group this year has been supported by Feb 2020 - walking group 3 over 20 intrepid explorers in both January and February. It continues to provide fresh air, exercise and enjoyment for the well-being of everyone. This second walk of the year was led by Janet and Norman.
Feb 2020 - walking group 2 Feb 2020 - walking group 4
From The Millstream to Willian in beautiful sunshine (note the shades) it took in water hazards, early flowers and architecture. All rounded off by lunch at the hostelry.


The 2019 Xmas event Xmas party 2019 -1
was very well attended with over 100 members eagerly anticipating a fun afternoon. And we weren't disappointed.
Xmas party 2019 -2 The Creative Writing group got everything off to a great Xmas party 2019 -3 start with a pantomime that they had written and performed. The baddies were booed and the boy and girl lived happily ever after - and there was a well-earned round of applause.

Xmas party 2019 -4 The quiz had people scratching their heads, Xmas party 2019 -5 and the winning team was awarded a small prize.
After tea and snacks Ruby led the carol singing while Angela ensured everyone gave their all, including solos from the 3 wise men.

Xmas party 2019 -6 And not to forget behind the scenes - with the Roadies on heavy duty work, the Hospitality team providing sustenance, and the Arts and Crafts group who produced the amazing table decorations.

An excellent way to end the year. Happy Xmas and a good New Year to everyone.


Herts Network Quiz 2019

After a year off the Herts Network quiz resumed this year with a vengeance.
Quiz 2019 - team 26 teams took part leaving little room Quiz 2019 - one of 26 teams for the scorers to collect the answers. Our intrepid team this year is seen taking a breather from the full on concentration. The myriad brain teasers left one of us wondering when tea would be served. But we managed a very creditable mid-way result.
The winners were Chorleywood. The full score sheet is attached.