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This page is for members to share any photos and activities that they think the full membership would enjoy reading about, such as a visit to a place of interest or an exhibition. Photographs are especially welcome - pictures say a thousand words !
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Summer by the Sea

Summer's splendor by the sea,
a gentle, blue serenity.
Caressing rays of golden sun,
blushing, bronzing all who come.

Extract from Summer's Splendor By The Sea
© Patricia L. Cisco Published: May 2018


We have managed to obtain tickets for the Classical Spectacular at the Royal Albert Hall on Sunday 24th November at 3pm. This is a wonderful concert with popular classics and finishes with “Land of Hope and Glory, Jerusalem and Rule Britannia ending with the 1812 Overture which includes cannons and fireworks. The tickets are £20.40p in the Choir and £49.49p in the stalls but the coach fare will need to be added to these prices.
NOTE The Royal Albert Hall will only hold these tickets until the end of May so please email Theatre & Travel as soon as possible if you are interested.



A new Wanderers group is taking shape for those members who enjoy the idea of getting out and about and being in the fresh air in convivial company but would prefer shorter walks (about 1 hour).

An Arts and Crafts movement also is building an enthusiastic following - an opportunity to challenge your dexterity.

And, for keen book readers, there is enough interest to start a Book Group 3.

Find out more about these groups at our regular meetings.


Angela's Amazing Adventures - Chartwell Chartwell 2019 4

Chartwell 2019 5 The home of the great man himself. And what a setting to relax from the horror of war - a beautiful house in a fabulous setting.
Just a short walk from the house and we find Churchill must have had Chartwell 2019 2 the biggest man-shed ever - which he branded his studio (it does sound Chartwell 2019 1 better). The views across the grounds would be an inspiration to any artist.
And the weather played its part to prove the old Chartwell 2019 3 adage - it's never the wrong weather, just the wrong clothes. For some, they were outside when it was sunny and inside when it rained - for others the opposite. Not to be deterred a walk around the grounds provided new viewpoints and the eponymous black swans.

Another excellent day.


If you go down to the woods today .....

Wind in the Willows 2 Saroj has been venturing out into the wild again seeking Wind in the Willows 1 out the unusual.
This time she has found Kenneth Graham's Wind in the Willows at Radwell Meadow, in the children's park at Nortonbury end.
....................................I think if I were small I might want to be holding Nan's hand.


Bird Group Views - is this a record

On their last outing for the year the number of birds spotted by the group reached an amazing 21. Who would have thought so many species would be around on our own local Ickleford riverside. So next time you are out and about don't keep your head down but look around to see the joys of the local wildlife.

The full list of birds : Blackbird, Carrion Crow, Chaffinch, Little Egret, Goldcrest, Black headed Gull, Lesser black backed Gull, Red Kite, Magpie, Mallard, Moorhen, Robin, Rock Dove, Sparrowhawk, Blue Tit, Great Tit, Long-tailed Tit, Grey Wagtail,Great Spotted Woodpecker,
Wood Pigeon and last and possibly least. the wonderful Wren.

What a haul !


Angela's Amazing Adventures - Colchester

How does she do it - another beautiful sunny day. And a sign of the times - we found an out-of-the-way coffee house with an added bonus that all drinks were only £1. Wow! But when I went to pay with cash - goodness me what a look I got!
2018 Colchester castle After lunch an excellent and very informative tour round the town (Colchester is not a city apparently) starting with the castle. Perhaps with the new data protection laws regarding published images in mind Colchester kindly included these figures in this brilliant 100 year tribute.

2018 Colchester castle gardens . 2018 Colchester castle gardeners
And if you were in any way worried about being replaced by robots maybe the gardeners in the castle grounds should put your mind at rest.

. 2018 Colchester
...............But if this one on the High Street was ever made real ...............