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This page is for members to share any photos and activities that they think the full membership would enjoy reading about, such as a visit to a place of interest or an exhibition. Photographs are especially welcome - pictures say a thousand words !
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Snowflakes Haiku by Kaitlyn Guenther'...

Snowflakes are our friends......................... 5 syllables
They descend when winter comes............. 7 syllables
Making white blankets.................................5 syllables



The February newsletter is currently being put together. If you have any news or anecdotes from over the Xmas period then please send your entry to Newsletter or let Marian know directly. A photo always adds fun to a story.


And what a year to look forward to !!
The last meeting of 2017 was the Xmas event - with seasonal Seasonal weather man weather laid on for an extra challenge. Well done to everyone who managed to get there. For those who didn't it seems that there now has to be an apology from someone for everything - so, Sorry.
Margaret cutting the anniversary cake This has been our 30th year and Margaret made the first cut of the celebratory cake.
. Xmas event - thinking caps on
The quiz had member's scratching their heads and Ruby stirred us up with her brilliant tinkling of the ivories for the singalong.
A big thanks to everyone who helped both in the hall and in the kitchen. We cannot put on these events without your help.
Looking forward to a new year of talks - a programme for the first half of the year can be printed off from the Events page.


Third Age Matters Survey - Your chance to have your say

In the last issue of Third Age Matters (November 2017) readers were invited to offer their views on the magazine via a survey. We are still accepting submissions until January 31. Please encourage your members to fill it out online if they have not yet done so.
The survey is available at u3a.org.uk/survey.



30th Anniversary Award Misquoting the words from a song by a popular beat combo - and not actually to the day - but Hitchin U3A is officially 30 years affiliated to the National U3A. Martin, as our representative at the AGM, was welcomed on to the stage with the other U3A's who reached their Pearl anniversary to receive a commemorative certificate.

1987 REMEMBERED Click here for a few fun events from 1987.
But wander back through your own archives to see what you were doing in 1987 - send your reminiscences (and photos) to Marian - a selection will appear in the next Newsletter - or to Website updates to appear on the website.


Herts Network Quiz
Herts Network Quiz 2017 What an afternoon. Our intrepid team were convinced they hadn't done too badly only to discover that just a few points make all the difference to the position in the charts. Go to the Herts Network website and look on the Members News page to see more.
Well done to Elizabeth for organising our team this year.


What do street signs say about a place ?

One of Angela’s wonderful trips included Stamford.

2017 Stamford 1 - our guide We had an excellent guide whose outfit made 2017 Stamford 2 - road sign
sure we wouldn’t lose her in a crowd. But during one of her presentations a notice on a road sign vied for attention. It reads ‘This sign is made of a plastic coated steel and has no scrap value’.
I wonder just how many road signs have been ‘recycled’ by locals !!

2017 Stamford 3 - cakes Along with the traditional temptations 2017 Stamford 4 - consequences
there was a warning about the possible consequences.

2017 Stamford 5 - dating And it would seem someone would like a new 2017 Stamford 6 - beware question to appear on the Tinder dating site.
........And a preferred personality trait perhaps.

S&T Group Visit
In September the Science and Technology group had an excellent trip to the sewage Trusting to Luck treatment works at Leighton Buzzard - we go to all the best places !! Grit and Sweetcorn
It was made extremely interesting by our guide who talked us through all the stages of the process - even trusting to luck to entertain us.
The skip full of grit and sweetcorn - well, use your imagination.
There And there's beauty even here with these amazingly graceful turbines which wouldn't be out of place at the
Yorkshire Sculpture Park.
An excellent morning.