The Hinckley U3A committee meets on the first Tuesday of every month, from 09.45 to 12.15, in Rooms 1 and 2 at the George Ward Centre.
Committee members and their roles

Chairman To contact follow this link to Chairman
John Whitehead: also responsible for, guest speaker liaison,annual programme, policies and procedures.

Vice chairwomen To contact follow this link to Vice Chair
Margaret Pickering and Samantha Ridgway

Treasurer To contact follow this link to Treasurer
Derek Ridgway

Secretary and data protection To contact follow this link to Secretary
Janice Strand

Membership Secretary To contact follow this link to Membership
Samantha Ridgway

Property To contact follow this link to Property
Stan Maxey also Health and Safety Coordinator

Publicity To contact follow this link to Publicity
Tom Berrie is also responsible for Mary Forryan Centre liaison

Groups Coordinator To contact follow this link to Group Coordinator
Anne Deakin

Newsletter editor To contact follow this link to Newsletter
Wendy Barker

Website editor To contact follow this link to Web Editor
Alan Fraser

Monthly Meeting Convenor and Speaker Arranger To contact follow this link to Speaker Arranger
Margaret Lawrence

New Member Support To contact follow this link to New Member Support
Celia Inman

New Group Convenor To contact follow this link to New Group Convenor
Guy Newbury

You can also email most of the committee members on the Contact page.

Minutes Hinckley U3A Committee Meeting Tuesday, 3rd December 2019

1. Apologies
There were no apologies and all committee members were present: Wendy Barker, Tom Berrie, Anne Deakin, Alan Fraser, Celia Inman, Stan Maxey, Margaret Pickering, Derek Ridgway, Samantha Ridgway, Janice Strand, and John Whitehead.

2. Nominations and Elections for Chairman/chairwoman and Treasurer
John was the only person proposed for the role of chairman; his candidacy was proposed by Margaret P and Anne. John was unanimously elected chairman for 2019/2020.
Derek was the only person proposed for the role of treasurer; his candidacy was proposed by Janice and seconded by Stan. Derek was unanimously elected treasurer for 2019/2020.
3. Makeup of the Committee
John reminded us that Margaret Lawrence and Guy Newbury had expressed willingness to join the committee. It was proposed by Janice, seconded by Derek, that Margaret join as full committee member and Guy as co-opted committee member. This was carried unanimously. At this point Margaret and Guy were invited to join the meeting.
4. Committee Roles
At this point, Margaret Lawrence and Guy Newbury joined the meeting.
John tabled a list of committee members and their proposed roles (Appendix 1). The list also details and officer’s terms of office and 2 new committee roles:
Monthly meeting convenor (Margaret L) will be responsible for ensuring all arrangements are in place for the monthly meeting including the tea rota and the needs of the scheduled speaker;
New group convenor (Guy) will consider new way to start interest groups, including groups without a named leader.
a. Actions: i. John, in consultation with Guy, will design a new groups survey for the January meeting; ii. John will email a copy of the Hinckley U3A Constitution in time for the January meeting.

5. Minutes from the November Meeting
Samantha will cover the item about electronic membership cards in her report.
All other actions having been completed, the minutes were accepted as a true and accurate representation of the discussion.

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6. Treasurer’s Report
Derek tabled his usual monthly financial report (Appendix 2) which shows a working balance of £2,391. Derek says the balance includes the payments for some trips next year. He pointed out the balance will soon start to grow because members will soon pay their fees.
His report also includes a forecast for the coming year. Derek anticipates the following:
An increase in postage charges because we use Docmail;
The increase in fees for the monthly meeting to £2 (agreed at the AGM), will impact on the working balance;
Gift Aid payment will be doubled due to delays at HMRC.
Wendy queried whether groups that meet without incurring venue costs should pay U3A £1 each because they benefit from being part of Hinckley U3A.
a. Decision i. It was agreed that each group could continue to decide whether they made such a contribution or not.

7. Membership Secretary’s Report
Samantha confirmed that we now have 495 members. Janice said that, as we continue to grow and actively to encourage new members, we must be prepared to meet their needs in terms of alternative (and larger) venues, and starting up new groups. For example, some groups are closed to new members due to restrictions in the venue size. This will inevitably mean greater costs for venue hire.
Samantha confirmed the issue with scanning the electronic membership cards is ongoing and that she will meet Neil Sherry, IT consultant.
Membership renewal letters will be posted this week, with clear instructions about the new system and how to pay.
John said that the Annual Programme for 2020 has been finalized, and that he will order 750 copies from the printers.
a. Decision i. John’s request for £425 to cover the printer’s invoice was unanimously approved.

8. Arrangements for the December General Meeting a. John confirmed that the speaker will be Barry Watson who is a narrowboat raconteur and musician. Barry will need the microphone, table, and use of the stage. His fee will be £50 plus £0.30 per mile travelling expenses. b. Samantha confirmed her Health Matters group will be supplying refreshments.

9. Publicity a. Tom confirmed that he has more leaflets and booklets available. He is also liaising with MFC about siting our 25 Year Certificate at their premises.

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10. Website
Alan confirmed that he is now arranging generic email addresses for the group leaders and committee members. He’ll email details to all individuals concerned. He’ll also change the email addresses on the website.
Janice said that John Langham has put himself forward to support work on the website.
Alan proposed that the subcommittee be abandoned and confirmed that he’ll continue in the post of Web Administrator. He proposed that Janice and Samantha should set up a working group that would have more flexibility as it would not be limited to three people but draw in a range interested members with new ideas to improve the branch as a whole.
Alan pointed out that a decision has yet to be made about the future of the website. The working group should explore the issue and present a costed recommendation to the committee for discussion and approval.
Samantha suggested that she and Janice should meet to decide how the working group could move forward and this could happen early in the new year.
a. Decision i. Alan’s proposal was unanimously accepted.

11. Newsletter Editor
Wendy is the new Newsletter Editor, although she has considerable experience in this role. She said that she had a format (as designed by Keith Barker) and that every edition will be emailed to members via MailChimp. A hardcopy will also be displayed on the noticeboard at the MFC during the general meetings.
Wendy confirmed that she’ll actively canvass members for newsletter items which will regularly feature a group of the month and an awful joke of the month.

12. Groups Coordinator
Anne said that attendance at the recent Group Leaders meeting had been good. She also said that Janet Berrie had temporarily suspended the Strollers group. Margaret P said that she wants to start a local history research group; Janice said she would be very interested in this.
Stan asked whether every group leader has a manual.
a. Decision i. The Group Leaders Manual needs to be revised. b. Action i. Anne will lead on this with support if needed. c. Decisions i. Group Leaders are responsible for checking that attendees at their meetings are actually members; ii. Group Leaders should keep responsibility for keeping an accurate register but they’re no longer required to email their registers to Samantha.

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iii. Registers should be given to the emergency services in the event of a building evacuation. d. Action i. Anne will advise the group leaders via email.

13. Property
Stan said he had no specific updates, but there was a discussion about finding another person to undertake PAT testing for us. Wendy said she could approach an individual who may be willing.
14. Trips a. Margaret P reiterated that everybody must pay when they go on a trip. b. Wendy said that she wants to organise trips to Greenwich on 29th May and to York on 17th August. c. Margaret P is organising a trip to Coughton Court on 16th September, and Hatfield House on 16th July.

15. Correspondence
Janice tabled copies of 3 emails that she had received from the Third Age Trust. The emails were on the following topics:
1. Heritage talks and research project, from Leicestershire and Rutland Network; 2. Submission windows for data and Third Age Matters publication dates from the Third Age Trust; 3. National workshops, in particular Keeping It Legal, from the Third Age Trust.
Samantha said that she had received a reply to her letter about to the MFC about the incident in June. There followed a discussion about its contents.
a. Actions i. Samantha will email a copy of the MFC letter to Stan. ii. Janice will formally reply to MFC, as well as request copies of the room hire agreement and their public liability insurance certificate.

16. Policies and Procedures
Janice and Samantha said that this had already been touched on in the discussion.
17. Future Planning
Samantha proposed that we donate £25 to GWC in recognition of them sorting our post.
a. Decision i. This was approved.
Wendy said that Keith Barker and John Moyes had talked about creating a table tennis group at the Green Towers Centre, and a beer tasting group.
18. Any Other Business

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Janice said that a number of members had complained to her about car parking problems at the AGM. She suggested a larger venue, such as the rugby club, was needed. It was pointed out this would be more expensive.
a. Decision It was proposed that we ask members to double park in the grassed extension.

19. Next Committee Meeting
Next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, 7th January 2020, same time, same place.