The Hinckley U3A committee meets on the first Tuesday of every month, from 09.45 to 12.15, in Rooms 1 and 2 at the George Ward Centre.
Committee members and their roles

Chairman To contact follow this link to Chairman
John Whitehead: also responsible for, guest speaker liaison,annual programme, policies and procedures.

Vice chairwomen To contact follow this link to Vice Chair
Margaret Pickering and Samantha Ridgway

Treasurer To contact follow this link to Treasurer
Derek Ridgway

Secretary and data protection To contact follow this link to Secretary
Janice Strand

Membership Secretary To contact follow this link to Membership
Samantha Ridgway

Property To contact follow this link to Property
Stan Maxey also Health and Safety Coordinator

Publicity To contact follow this link to Publicity
Tom Berrie is also responsible for Mary Forryan Centre liaison

Groups Coordinator To contact follow this link to Group Coordinator
Anne Deakin

Newsletter editor To contact follow this link to Newsletter
Wendy Barker

Website editor To contact follow this link to Web Editor
Alan Fraser

Monthly Meeting Convenor and Speaker Arranger To contact follow this link to Speaker Arranger
Margaret Lawrence

New Member Support To contact follow this link to New Member Support
Celia Inman

New Group Convenor To contact follow this link to New Group Convenor
Guy Newbury

You can also email most of the committee members on the Contact page.

Minutes (draft)
Hinckley U3A Committee Meeting Tuesday 5th November 2019

1. Apologies
Apologies were received from Margaret Bennett and Anne Deakin. Otherwise, the following committee members were present: Tom Berrie, Alan Fraser, Celia Inman, Stan Maxey, Margaret Pickering, Derek Ridgway, Samantha Ridgway, Janice Strand, and John Whitehead.
2. Minutes of the October meeting
The October minutes were reviewed and accepted as a true and accurate representation of the proceedings. All actions had been completed.
3. Treasurer’s Report
Derek tabled his usual financial report which showed a working balance of £6696.56. This means there is a shortfall in the reserve funding which will be discussed at the AGM. He commented that the cost of room hire from GWC and MFC has increased by £1500 due to an increase in groups meeting this past year.
Derek has given the accounts to Alan Fairall for auditing purposes.
4. Membership Secretary’s Report
Hinckley U3A now has 491 members, and it’s expected that we’ll have 500 very soon.
Samantha reported that she’s having IT difficulties with the scanners which will be used when members arrive for the monthly general meeting. It’s hoped that the scanner will beep if a person hasn’t renewed their membership; however, there’s no audible beep. She said that the electronic membership cards will be sent to members when the barcode issue has been resolved.
5. November AGM
John said that he had yet to receive confirmation from Samantha Hancock that she will speak, but if she does, she’ll need a projection screen.
John asked Samantha for a list of the members who had died this past year.
a. Actions:
Samantha will email him a list.
John will arrange the printing of 75 copies of the group reports and 2018 AGM minutes, to be placed on alternate seats at the AGM.
Derek will add an auditor’s item to the agenda.
John said that the Wine Appreciation Group will be doing refreshments for November, and Health Matters for December.
Derek proposed buying mince pies for December.
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John also suggested that a new role should be created: a general meeting convenor who will manage the refreshments and ensure the speaker has the equipment they need.
6. Publicity
Tom said that all of the leaflets are ready for the new members meeting on 31st October. He also said that booklets and posters are available from the Third Age Trust at no cost; items can be ordered from their website.
3rd June 2020 has been designated U3A Day in the UK. John feedback that, at a recent Leicestershire and Rutland Network meeting, it was suggested that constituent U3As could organise a local event to raised the U3A’s profile locally. John welcomes all ideas but proposed that we could organise a local walk with banners and other publicity materials.
a. Action: i. Committee members to bring their ideas and suggestions to the December meeting. 7. Website
Alan said that the Hinckley U3A YouTube channel is now operational. John Langham has kindly uploaded 3 video clips of trips to the Black Country Museum, Bletchley Park, and Cromford. The quality of John’s photos is such that Alan has asked him to provide video clips of other U3A activities.
Alan also reported that he’s producing generic email addresses for all group leaders and committee members. For example, a generic email address will read as follows: rolename@hinckleyu3a.co.uk. The benefit of a generic email address is that it can be handed over when new people take over a role.
It is hoped that group leaders and committee members will record their new email addresses onto the appropriate U3A website page.
8. Newsletter
John said that Celia has decided to stand down as newsletter editor. He’ll have a list of new roles to bring to the December committee meeting.
9. Groups Update
Margaret B said that the Bookworms group is closed to new members, but she’ll start a waiting list.
There was very good attendance at the new members meeting, about 60 people came along.
It was suggested that some new members may feel diffident about attending a group meeting, and especially the general meeting. John said that we could have a monthly coffee morning which would help break the ice.
10. Property
Stan said that a new laptop charger is now available.

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11. Trips
Margaret P said that the Carousel and Half a Sixpence theater trips were now full, and that she’s booked tickets for A Comedy of Errors in Stratford. She’s also arranging a trip to Burleigh Hall for the History group in May 2020.
12. Correspondence
Janice tabled an email from the Third Age Trust, which she had previously forwarded to all committee members. The mailing was about the development plan presentations from Conference 2019, the trading company survey, and 2020 diaries ready for purchasing.
13. Policies
No updates from Samantha and Janice.
14. Future Planning
John said that he is compiling the Annual Programme for 2020, and he distributed hardcopies for committee members to review. Janice asked that John email the Programme to her.
a. Action:
John agreed to do so.
He said that the Leicestershire and Rutland Network had recently hosted workshops in history, languages and trips as a means to support and encourage new group leaders. The Network suggests that, as a rule of thumb, there should be 1 group for every 10 members. Using this standard, we should have 50 groups; however, we currently have 41. The challenge to encourage active participation from as many members as possible remains.
The Network plans to host workshops in 2020. Suggestion for next year included website editing, science, leisure, yoga/tai chai, and finding speakers; 3 topics will eventually be selected.
Leicester U3A did a presentation about creating new groups without a leader in place.
Jean Hogg said that that U3A is undertaking a survey of a random selection of U3As, to ask their views on the future of the U3A.
Hinckley U3A been presented with a certificate for its 25th birthday.
b. Action:
Tom and Stan will get 2 extra copies and have them framed.
Kibworth U3A is organising the 5th intra-U3A quiz night in March 2020.
It was noted that we don’t have a wildlife group in Hinckley, but it was felt that such a group would be very popular.
It was also noted that Clay Mills Sewage Works in Burton on Trent would be a very interesting and suitable venue for a trip.
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The next Network meeting is on 27th March, further details to following in due course.

15. Any Other Business a. Samantha said that she’ll be away soon for 2 weeks. Stan agreed to take her U3A mobile while she’s away. b. John said that the Annual U3A New Year Lunch will be on 30th January, starting at 12.00 noon for 12.30 at the Windmill Inn in Brascote.

16. Next Meeting
The next committee meeting will be on Tuesday, 3rd December at 09.45 in Rooms 1 and 2. Janice remaindered everyone that she’ll be unable to attend for at least 1 month, John offered to take the December minutes.
All business having been completed, the meeting ended at 11.25.