Digital Photo Competition 2019

Topic: Wildlife - 22th July
1st place: Margaret Mayes “Deer Feeding”. 2nd place: Freda Longhurst “Gatekeeper Butterfly”.
3rd place: Freda Longhurst “Curlew”. 4th place: Ian Brown “Mute Swan”

Deer Feeding Gatekeeper Butterfly Curlew Mute Swan

Topic: Image Processing - 24th June
Category 1
Equal 1st place: Andrew Longhurst “Bologna”. Equal 1st place: Andrew Longhurst “Beamish Train”

Bolgna Italy Print Beamish Train (Original)

Category 2
1st place: Margaret Mayes “Black & White Train”. Equal 2nd place: Brian Hillier “Negative version of Bologna”. Equal 2nd place: John Allen “ Metallic version of Bologna”.

Black & White Train Negative version of Bologna Metallic version of Bologna

Topic: Action with the emphasis on Events - 25th April
1st place: John Allen “Duck Rising (Saville Garden)”. 2nd place: John Allen “Spitfire (Shuttleworth Trust)”.
3rd place: John Allen “Stearman Biplanes (Duxford)”. 4th place: Margaret Mayes “Flight of Birds".

Duck Rising Spitfire Stearman Biplanes Flight of Birds

Topic: Landscapes - 25th March
1st place: Margaret Mayes “Early Morning”. 2nd place: Ian Brown “Sunrise over Bushey Park Lake”.
3rd place: Robert Waltz “Descent”. 4th place: Robert Waltz “Tree Hut".

Early Morning Sunrise over Bushey Park Lake Descent Tree Hut

Topic: Reflections - 25th February
1st place: Andrew Longhurst “Sunrise at Denham Lake”. 2nd place: Margaret Mayes “Ripples”.
3rd place: Len Fenton “Canal Bridge at Alvechurch”. 4th place: Margaret Mayes “Nepalese Reflections".

Sunrise at Denham Lake Ripples Canal Bridge at Alvechurch Nepalese Reflections

Topic: Winter with the emphasis on Precipitation - 28th January
1st place: Margaret Mayes “Flowers covered in Snow”. 2nd place: Len Fenton “Rainbow”
3rd place: Margaret Mayes “Garden Scene”. 4th place: Andrew Longhurst “Reflections of a Bridge”

1st Margaret Mayes-"Flowers in Snow" 2nd Len Fenton - “Rainbow” 1st Margaret Mayes-"Garden Scene" 4th Andrew Longhurst -"Reflections"