Membership Renewal Applications

2019 Membership Renewal Latest (as of 5th May)

We now consider this years Membership Renewal process as complete. All members should now have their new membership cards.

If you have not yet renewed, we have now reset our mail distribution list (MailChimp) to include only current members so you won't get any further emails or Newsletters from us. You can however, still complete a form and send it with your cheque to the membership team (address is on the form).

We plan to repeat this process next year so the process will be;

The Membership Renewal documents will be delivered to you in early January (as a personalised email), or as an open form as part of the February Newsletter. This year, the exercise was completed before the end of January. The documentation will show that our new (academic) year will begin on 1st April. Anybody not renewing before this time would not be included in the Membership System for the new year. Therefore, if your name does not show as renewed in the system by that date, you are unlikely to be included in either the electronic or paper distribution lists for the May newsletter which is sent out mid to late April. In 2019 there was a number of members who did not renew in time so have not received their newsletter. There is a process in place which allows us to send newsletters to all ‘current’ members efficiently. It is onerous having to identify why somebody has not received a newsletter and arrange to send them one at a time.
Please renew in good time.

To remind those interested, the 'P' on the right-hand edge reflects that this is their ‘Primary’ U3A. This is not necessarily correct for all members because we know that some belong to other local U3As and may consider that to be their main U3A, but it is a feature of MASH (our membership system) so everyone has ‘P’. The number is the batch in which your renewal (or new membership application if relevant) was processed. This is more an administrative aid to help us keep batches together and to investigate future problems.