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* Find Our Venue ~ Map showing Winston Churchill Theatre
* Hillingdon Venues Maps ~ Map showing all the HU3A Meeting Locations.
* Hu3a Poster A4 Landscape May21 ~ A copy of the Hillingdon u3a Landscape Poster for you to download
* Hu3a Poster A4 Portrait May21 ~ A copy of the Hillingdon u3a Portrait Poster for you to download
* Hu3a Leaflet Jul21 ~ The latest Leaflet for you to download
* Will it Rain ~ Going Walking? Find out if it's going to rain.
* Where are the Toilets on the Tube? ~ A Map & List to help
* Mature Times ~ A free Newspaper aimed at the Older Community.
* HU3A Photo Archive ~ An Archive of Old Photos and Pictures no longer on the website.
Well Being
* NHS Better Health ~ NHS encourages us to improve our health.
* NHS Advice on COVID ~ Official advice from the NHS
* u3a COVID Advice on Activities ~ u3a National Advice on Activities during the Pandemic
* Patients Know Best ~ A single place for your health information & trusted by the NHS
* Brunel Older People (BORG) ~ A Group in Brunel needing help researching ageing.
* U3A Mindfulness ~ U3A UK are providing Mindfulness session via YouTube
* Anti-Aging Games ~ Top tips to reduce the risk of early memory loss
* Brain Games ~ A large collection of games for you to keep the brain active
* Physical Activity Guidelines for Older Adults ~ Advice for good health through activity
* The Simple Doctor-Path to a Healthy Life ~ And live Longer
* 10 Minute Exercise ~ Tune in to 10 minutes of physical activity today. It’s good for you and fun to do!
Further Online Learning
* Gresham College Past online Lectures ~ Free Online Lectures on many Subjects
* Learn a Language ~ Stunning site to Learn just about any language
* 50 Free Things to do in Lockdown ~ Run out of things to do in quarantine
* MOOC - Massive Open Online Courses ~ Free Online Courses
* Beginners Guide to Computing/Internet
* U3A Educational Events
* U3A Online Learning ~ Austrailian Online Courses
* Universal Class ~ Hillingdon Library teams with Universal Class to offer 500 Online Courses.
* BBC Online Courses
* Coursera
* Duolingo ~ Learn a language for free. Forever.
* Transparent Language Online ~ Hillingdon Library teams with Transparent Language to offer 148 languages.
* edX
* Future Learn
* OpenLearn ~ The Open University Free Learning Courses
* Open2study ~ Austrailian Online Courses
* The Royal Institution
* DIYGenius ~ 100+ Self-Education Resources For Lifelong Learning Online
* Money Saving Expert ~ Money Saving guides,tips & tools
* Tax Help for Older People ~ Free Independant Tax Advice
Theatre & Concert
* Hillingdon Theatres
* The Philharmonia Orchestra ~ Sunday Concerts
* Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
* Royal Festival Hall - Southbank
* Brunel University-What On ~ Sign up form for a What's On Guide of Activities for Everyone
Other Leisure Activities
* Slow Ways ~ A u3a & Slow Ways partnership to help create walkings routes.
* Hillingdon Library Magazines ~ Have a Hillingdon Library Card? If not sign up & access their Online Magazine Collection.
* Free online boredom-busting Links ~ ChaterPack's list of interesting web resources
* Audible Free Titles Available ~ Audible makes 100's of titles free to help during coronavirus crisis
* Walking in England ~ Free walks to download and print - click on the county
* Odd Corners of London - Summary Notes
* Museum & Gallery Tours ~ Virtual Tours you can do from your own arm chair.
* U3A Weekly Quiz ~ The U3A Subject Advisor for Quizzes is posting a weekly quiz.
* Sudoku Games Online ~ Try a new Online Sudoku game every day.
Local U3A Groups
* U3A London Region
* Hounslow U3A
* Harrow U3A
* Northwood U3A
* Rickmansworth U3A
* Thames Valley Network U3A
* Links to other U3A Websites ~ Want to have a look at other U3A Websites
National U3A
* U3A Trust Newsletter ~ Sign up for the U3A UK Newsletter.
* U3A Youtube
* Virtual U3A
* U3A Research Database ~ A List of U3A Research Projects
* Third Age Trust Annual Report 2018-19 ~ UK Annual Report & Accounts
* A Life Well Lived Podcasts ~ U3A's new national Podcast series
* Newquay U3A Blog ~ Newquay U3A Blog has links to a series of Virtual Skill Sites
* U3A Bulletin No.1 ~ U3A's new Bulletin to cheer us all up
Crime Prevention
* Scam Awareness - NatWest's Latest Advice on Scam Avoidance
* Doorstep Scammers - NatWest's Latest Guide to spotting Doorstep Scammers
* Telephone Scammers - NatWest's Latest Guide to spotting Telephone Scammers
* NatWest Investment Scams ~ U3A & NatWest Online Lectures May20
* NatWest Impersonation Scams ~ U3A & NatWest Online Lectures May20
* NatWest Corporate Archives ~ U3A & NatWest Online Lectures May20
* Police Action Fraud ~ Latest from the Police, Action Fraud about Coronavirus Scams
* Citizens Advice Scam Action - Report a Scam
* OWL Neighbourhood Watch ~ Online Watch Link (OWL) Keeping you informed
* Hillingdon Crime Prevention Advice - Hillingdon Neighbourhood Watch Page
* Hillingdon Neighbourhood Watch - Hillingdon NW Website
* Take Five Leaflet from the Police - Take Five to Stop & Think Message
* Protecting Your Belongings ~ An OWL Neighbourhood Watch Factsheet
* Little Booklet of Phone Scams ~ A Metropolitan Police Booklet
* Hillingdon NW Newsletter Dec20 ~ Hillingdon Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter
* Hillingdon Crime Survey Results-June 20 ~ Results from a Hillingdon Police Survey
* Spot the Sign of Scams ~ Short Video from the Police on the signs to watch for
* The Little Leaflet of Cyber Mistakes - Easy Police Advice to Protect You
* Hillingdon Council
* Transport for London Buses ~ Route Planner
* Recycle-a-Bike ~ Our local bike recycling, service & sales
* Where are the Toilets on the Tube? ~ A Map & List to help
* The Age UK Hillingdon Handbook ~ Information for the Older People
* Age UK ~ Advice & Information for the Over 60's
* Helpline for Older People ~ A confidential 24hour freephone helpline for older people
* Telephone Preference Service ~ Free to Register & avoid unwelcome telephone calls.
* The Dovetail Dining Centre ~ Fancy a good value meal and a natter?