Photography - YOUR Shot of the Month

This competition is for members who may take many shots each month that don’t relate to the Group's monthly competition but are very good in their own right. So the basis for this page is "anything goes as long as it’s interesting, and well composed and well executed". The group will then vote to find the best "YOUR Shot of the Month".

July 2019
Below are this months photos.

1st Janet Nicholas “Self-portrait - Rear view of Head”2nd Len Fenton "Chaffinch”Equal 3rd Andy Austin “Greek Sunset”Equal 3rd Freda Longhurst “Comma Butterfly”
Self-portrait - Rear view of Head Chaffinch Greek Sunset Comma Butterfly

June 2019
Below are this months photos.

1st Freda Longhurst “Robin”2nd John Allen “Red Arrows 2”Equal 3rd Andrew Longhurst “River at Shere”Equal 3rd John Allen “red Arrows 1”
1st Freda Longhurst- Robin 2nd John Allen - Red Arrows 2 Equal3rd Andrew Longhurst-River at Shere Equal 3rd John Allen- Red Arrows 1

May 2019
Below are this months photos.

Equal 1st Andrew Longhurst “Child on Swing”Equal 1st Ian Brown “Thame Show”Equal 1st John Allen “Duxford”Equal 1st Janet Nicholas “Volga”
Equal 1st Andrew Longhurst-Girl on Swing Equal 1st Ian Brown - Thame Show Equal 1st John Allen- Duxford Equal 1st Janet Nicholas - Volga

April 2019
Below are this months photos.

1st Malcolm Barwick “Uxbridge Station Stained Glass Window”2nd Jothy Rainbow “Tree looking like a Cow”3rd John Allen “Saville Garden Lake”4th Robert Waltz “Bluebell Walk”
1st Malcolm Barwick- Uxbridge Station 2nd Jothy Rainbow - Tree 3rd John Allen - Saville Garden Lake 4th Robert Waltz - Bluebell Walk

March 2019
Below are this months photos.

1st Ian Brown “Robin”2nd Malcolm Barwick “Trunk Call”3rd Andrew Longhurst “Pensive Child”4th Brian Hillier “Leaf in Lake”
1st Ian Brown - Robin 2nd Malcolm Barwick - Trunk Call 3rd Andrew Longhurst - Pensive Child 4th Brian Hillier - Leaf in Lake

February 2019
Below are this months photos.

1st Andrew Longhurst "Dawn on the Grand Union Canal"2nd Janet Nicholas "Statue of Lady looking Right" (Titanic, Belfast)3rd Brian Hillier "Iced Windscreen"4th Margaret Mayes "Street Portrait" (Nepal)
1st Andrew Longhurst - Dawn on the Canal 2nd Janet Nicholas - Statue of Lady 3rd Brian Hillier - Ice on Windscreen 4th Margaret Mayes - Street Portrait

January 2019
Below are this months photos.

1st Brian Hillier "Desks in Brunel University"2nd Andrew Longhurst "Wine glass backlit by lights on a Christmas Tree"3rd John Perryman "Pink Pelican"4th Malcolm Barwick "Isiabel"
1st Brian Hillier Desks in Brunel Uni Wine Glass Backlit by Xmas Lights Pink Pelican Isiabel