New HU3A Interest Groups

New Interest Groups

This page is for you the members to identify which new Interest Groups you would like to see added to our HU3A portfolio, perhaps you might also like to let us know why you think this would be a worthwhile addition.

We will also post any new groups recently started or ones being formed on this page.

Are you interested in seeing a new group formed. Why not be adventurous - have a chat with some of the current interest group leaders. They are all volunteers and were just keen to start a new group. You might find it very rewarding and not as difficult as you think!!!!

Send your suggestions or comments via the 'Click to Send a Message!’

We are able to form a new group


• Were you a teddy boy or a hippie?
• Did you outrage your parents with the length of your skirt?
• Did you listen to Radio Luxembourg under the bedclothes until the small hours?
• Can you remember getting money back on 'pop' bottles to spend on crisps containing little blue bags of salt?

If you said yes to any or all of the above then our exciting new 20th Century Group will be just for you. Topics covered could include music. theatre, films, fashion, television, art and travel from the 20th century. Take the opportunity to come along and share your interests and experiences.

Freda is working with a member who has already volunteered to lead this group. As you know Freda is always asking for group leaders to step forward so it was a such a pleasure to have, out of the blue, someone suggesting a new group and offering to be the lead.

Apart from the fact that this will be a face-to-face group in a hall we don't have any more details of dates/times yet.

First of all we need to gauge interest, so if you would like to be part of this new group please contact Freda and she'll add your name to the list.

Other groups being looked at...............

** Hillingdon u3a Running Group **
A keen runner and Hu3a member Adele Franklin has suggested that like minded members who like or want to run with some company could meet up. Contact Freda if you want to know more.

** A New Crafters Group **
One of our members, April Hollands, has offered to lead a Crafting Group to cover all areas of creativity which could develop into more specific groups if there was enough interest in any particular area. If you would like to join this new group, please let Freda know via the 'Send a Message' icon above and I’ll add you to the list.

In the meantime April Hollands says ……
Knitting, crochet, sewing, basketry, embroidery, macrame, model making,scrapbooking, cross stitching, flower arranging to name a few? We are hoping to start a monthly craft group, meeting in Ickenham in a spacious, well-ventilated, light-filled environment with tables and IT. Initially we envisage members bringing and working on their current projects whilst enjoying a chat (and tea/coffee if possible). There will be opportunities to share knowledge and expertise as well as exploring and learning new skills together as desired. Contact Freda if you want to know more.


** A New MOTO Group **
Many u3a branches have "Members On Their Own" (MOTO) groups for those who, for whatever reason, are living alone but would like to be part of a network of friends to take part in various events on a regular or occasional basis. These groups tend to meet on an ad hoc basis, maybe just two or three going out for a walk or to lunch together although meetings can be as large or regular as members choose.

If this interests you then contact Freda via the "Click to Send a Message" above.


Other past suggestions that were all put on hold when the pandemic started are;

Quiz Group
A Cycle Group
Astronomy Group
A Motor Bike Group
Climate Change Group
A Piano/Keyboard Group
Spanish Beginners Group
Beading & Patchwork Group
Recorder Group
A Lunching Out group
A Dog Walking group.

If you want to express your interest in these or any other groups contact Freda.