Digital Photo Competition 2018

Topic: November Scenes - 26th November
1st place: Robert Waltz “Sunbeam Woods”. Equal 2nd: Margaret Mayes “Fireworks”
Equal 2nd: Robert Waltz “Shaddow Path”. 4th place: Margaret Mayes “Coach”

1st Robert Waltz - “Sunbeam Woods” =2nd Margaret Mayes - “Fireworks” =2nd Robert Waltz - "Shadow Path" 4th Margaret Mayes - “Coach”

Topic: Autumn Colours - 22nd October
1st place: Margaret Mayes “Wisley Heron”. Equal 1st: Margaret Mayes “Wisley Autumn Scene”
3rd place: John Bentham “Eastcote Park”. Equal 3rd: Robert Waltz “Teasels”

=1st Margaret Mayes-"Wisley Heron" =1st Margaret Mayes-"Wisley Autumn" =3rd John Bentham-"Eastcote Park" =3rd Robert Waltz-"Teasels"

Topic: Trees - 24th September
1st place: Margaret Mayes “Strangely-formed Tree near Lake Garda”. 2nd place: Jothy Rainbow “Kew Gardens Tree Trunk”
3rd place: Robert Waltz “Cort Park Tree” 4th place: Margaret Mayes “Kew Gardens Wedding Cake Tree”

1st Margaret Mayes "Strange Tree" 2nd Jothy Rainbow-"Kew Gardens Tree" 3rd Robert Waltz-"Cort Park Tree" 4th Margaret Mayes-"Wedding Cake Tree"

Topic: Out and About - 23rd July
1st place: John Allen “Little girl & mother”. 2nd place: Margaret Mayes “7 Italian Models”
3rd place: Tony Kemp “Columbia Rd Market Browsers & Blooms” 4th place: Margaret Mayes “Drinking Companions”

1st John Allen - "Little girl & mother" 2nd Margaret Mayes - “7 Italian Models 3rd Tony Kemp -"Columbia Rd Market" 4th Margaret Mayes - Drinking Companions

Topic: Off-site Photo-Shoot at St Martins Church, Ruislip - 25th June
1st place: Ian Brown “Squirrel” (close-up with holly & ivy)
Equal 2nd place: Ian Brown “Old House flanking the churchyard” and Len Fenton “Gargoyle on the Church Wall”
Equal 4th place: Len Fenton “Church Tower & Main Door” and Judy Peddie "Irises on edge of Manor Farm Pond”

1st Ian Brown - “Squirrel” (close-up Equal 2nd Ian Brown - “Old House" Equal 2nd Len Fenton - “Gargoyle" Equal 4th Len Fenton - “Church Tower" Equal 4th Judy Peddie - “Irises"

Topic: Easter and / or the Easter Bunny - 23rd April
1st place: John Bentham - Easter Bunny in Rockery. 2nd place: Margaret Mayes - A Giant Easter Egg.
Joint 3rd place: Brian Hillier - Trees in bud and John Bentham - Daffodils.

Easter: 1st - John Bentham Easter: 2nd - Margaret Mayes Easter: Jnt 3rd - Brian Hillier Easter:Jnt 3rd Daffodils John Bentham

Topic: High Dynamic Range (HDR) Before and After Processing - 26th March
The photographs are not in rank order.

HDR Footprint in snow AFranklin HDR Building interior AMellors HDR Riverside scene Ian Brown HDR Open country scene M Mayes

Topic: Night and Low Light Shooting - 26th February

Night and low light - Jnt 1st John Allen Night and low light-Jnt 1st John Bentham
Night and low light - Jnt 2nd M Mayes Night and low light-Jnt 2nd John Bentham Night and low light-Jnt 2nd John Bentham

Topic: Night Shooting with emphasis on Christmas - 22nd January

Night shooting 1 Margaret Mayes Night shooting jnt 2nd - Brian Hillier Night shooting jnt 2nd John Allen Night shooting jnt 2nd Margaret Mayes