Digital Photo Competition 2017

What is it? Macro photos of parts of objects

What is it? 1a What is it?1b Brian Hillier What is it? 2a What is it? 2b Brian Hillier

What is it? 3a What is it? 3b John Allen What is it? 4a What is it? 4b Margaret Mayes

Topics: Fireworks and Manipulation - November 27th

Fireworks 1st place Susan Madigan Fireworks 2nd place Margaret Mayes


Manipulation 1 Brian Hillier Manipulation 2 David Brown Manipulation 3 Adele Franklin Manipulation - Original picture

Topic: Holiday - October 23rd

Holiday 1st John Bentham Holiday 2nd Brian Hillier Holiday 3rd place Len Fenton Holiday 4th place Brian Hillier WSM

Topic: Photoshoot at Eastcote House Garden - July 25th

1st Brian Hillier - Fly Agaric 2nd Poppies Brian Hillier 3rd People - Sheppy Shepherd 4th Essence of EHG - Ian Brown

Topic: Architecture and People - June 26th

Architecture 1st place Architecture - 2nd place People - 1st place People - 2nd place

Topic: Containers - May 22nd

Containers: 1st Place - Carol Lathwell Containers: 2nd Place - Margaret Mayes Containers: 3rd Place - Len Fenton

Topic: Spring - April 24th

Spring Joint 1st place - Carol Lathwell Spring Joint 1st place - Len Fenton Spring 3rd place - Len Fenton

Topic: Macro Photography - March 27th

Macrophoto 1st place - John Bentham Macrophoto 2nd place - Margaret Mayes Macrophoto j3rd place - Brian Hillier

Topic: Weather - February 27th

Weather 1st place Weather 2nd place Weather 3rd place Weather joint 4th place Weather joint 4th place

Topic: Christmas - January 23rd#

Christmas: 1st Place Christmas: 2nd Place Christmas: 3rd Place Christmas: 4th Place