Our Committee

Chairman: Pat McAlpinePat McAlpine
Vice Chairman and Membership Co-Ordinator: Ann LinesAnn Lines
Treasurer: Barbara Hall Barbara Hall
Assistant Treasurer: Richard Fremantle Richard Fremantle
Committee Secretary: Pam Smith Pam Smith
Hall Booking Manager and Safeguarding Officer: Judie PeddieJudy Peddie
Visits Co-ordinator: Harvey Butnick Harvey Butnick
Interest Groups Co-ordinator: Freda Longhurst Freda Longhurst
PR and Communications Co-ordinator: Rodney FoxRodney Fox
Assistant Communications Co-ordinator: Mary Morgan Mary Morgan
Monthly Meetings Co-ordinator & 'SAS': Maureen Ferguson Maureen Ferguson
Monthly Meetings Co-ordinator & 'SAS': Sylvia Cook Sylvia Cook
Monthly Meetings Co-ordinator & 'SAS': Val Law Val Law

SAS = Subject Area Supervisor