Latest Monthly Meeting Notices

Monthly Notices March

This is a list of notices from the Monthly Meeting at the Winston Churchill Hall on Monday 11th March 2019.

Chairman's Announcements:

The Chairman welcomed the members and also any new members attending for the first time. The Chairman invited any new members to join Adele for a ‘get to know you’ coffee after the meeting. The Chairman also informed members that there were copies of ‘Get up and Go’ leaflet prepared by Chartered Society of Physiotherapists available for all and to collect a copy during the break.

Monthly Slide Show

To see this months slideshow, click on the following link --> March 2019 Slideshow If it's too quick or you want to study one slide, click on the pause icon.

Group Notices:

Concerts (Sunday):
Harvey Butnick reminded members of the details of the Sunday Concert on 24th March and that full details are on this website and in the latest newsletter. He also announced that he has one spare ticket which can be purchased for £35.50 and could obtain up to 3 extra tickets if there was any interest. Contact Harvey if you want to be included in this trip.

Guitar Group:
The formation of this group is now underway thanks to Brian Harris. The group will hold it's welcome meeting on Wednesday 3rd April at 2pm in the Bailey Hall at Christ Church, Uxbridge. It will then meet regularly on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday at 2pm to 4pm at Christ Church. Contact Rodney for further details.

Historic Cycle Rides:
Tricia Creak announced that the next cycle rides will be; Rebellion on the 26th March, Musical History in Hillingdon! on the 17th April and A Night Time Bat Ride on the 4th May. For full details se the Events page on this website or contact Tricia at creakpatricia@gmail.com

London Walk:
The next London Walk will be held on Wednesday 22nd May 2019 and is entitled ‘Diamond Studded London’. Meeting at Chancery Lane Station at 10.45 am. The cost is £8 per person. Contact Brian Carse for more details and to be added to his list.

Motor Cycle Group /Club
As we head towards spring, we can look at getting this Group off the ground and onto wheels! Contact Rodney for more information.

Opera/Chamber Concerts
Elizabeth announced she now has the tickets for the Chamber Orchestra on May 7th – Peter and the Wolf. There are still 2 places left for this performance so contact Elizabeth if you want to be included. She also has the tickets for the concert on the 13th June – Summer Serenade. Contact Elizabeth to collect your tickets.

Elizabeth also reminded us of trips to the Opera Holland Park on June 11th and June 27th. Full details on the Events page of this website and contact Elizabeth Douglas if interested.

The next ramble is on Tuesday 19th March and will go from Uxbridge to Yiewsley along the River Colne, returning to Uxbridge via the Grand Union Canal towpath. Meet at 11.00am outside Uxbridge Underground Station. Contact Alan Hooper or the see the Events page of this website for more details.

General Group News:

Interest Group of the Month
'Interest Group of the Month' this month is the Tenpin Bowling Group. Meet them in the coffee lounge during the break. Following months are: – Travel Experience for April; Canasta for May. Any Group Leaders interested for future months then contact Rodney.

Groups with Vacancies:
The Scrabble Group has vacancies for new members. Contact Sian Doughty for details.


Improving Lines of Communication
Tony Kemp has made lots of changes to the website including a moving presentation of the Monthly Meeting slideshow, extra Links covering a number of sites some of which are not related to a U3A, and is now working on sorting out & archiving the photos.
Mary Morgan has included photos for the first time in the recent Bulletin, trying to make it more interesting and fill in the two-month gap between newsletters. If anybody has anything which they would like to be considered send it to Mary or Jim.
Ed Stothard has joined the newsletter team handling ‘non-Interest Group’ news, which remains with Pam Caines.
Thanks to all those mentioned above.

Visits Status
Maureen McCann has a handful of places still available for the back stage Tour of South Bank. It is on Monday 3 June and costs £10. Contact Maureen (or Jim) if interested.

Visits Procedure Change
Last year we changed procedures for replying to applicants for Visits because the postman seems to be too interested in delivering recyclable adverts than our post. There were also at least 3 February newsletters which were not delivered.
When someone applies for a Visit, we now send either an Acknowledgement note, or one telling the applicant they are on the Waiting List to ensure they receive something. The idea is for the applicant to contact the Visit Leader if they have not received anything by a reasonable time (as advised in each newsletter).
Confusion has arisen recently because a couple of members contacted us close to the time to check if they were on the Visit. They had not opened the envelope believing it was an Acknowledgement, but it was for the Waiting List. So, please open all mail!
The ‘What Happens Next’ section of the Instructions in the newsletter had not been updated and may have caused some confusion. So if you apply for a visit from the next newsletter, please read the new instructions so that you know what to expect.

Other Announcements

Membership Renewal 2019 - 2020

Members were thanked for returning their renewal forms promptly. The process is running smoothly and proving slightly less stressful. The team have received over 800 forms which have been logged onto 2019 database. New membership cards have been posted to new members and the rest will be posted in the next few weeks. Ann wishes to thank the IT team for their invaluable support. The member’s survey is now closed, and thanks to all who completed the form. We received 183 replies.

Members are also reminded that they can find all the renewal details in the Newsletter and on this web site Membership 2019 so check these first if you have any questions.

With the upcoming AGM now in our sights, the Chairman identified that there will be 2 vacant place on the Committee for next year. If you could help run our organisation and want to get involved, contact Judy for more details.