Archived MOOCs

At the Origins of Mediterranean Civilisation. Archaeology of the City from the Levant to the West: 3rd to 1st millennium BC. Click here for the link Origins of Mediterranean Civilization
Beginners Level: Approx 13 hours to complete

What’s your take on Andy Warhol? How about a Warhol MOOC? An introduction to the life and work of Andy Warhol, one of the world’s most famous artists, through exploration of five thematic framings of his life and career: celebrity, sex, money, death and time. This is a self-paced course with 10hours of material.Andy Warhol

European Paintings: From Leonardo to Rembrandt to Goya
Uncover the meaning behind the art of the great painters from 1400 to 1800.
Link here ....European Paintings from 1400 to 1800
This introductory course runs for 2-3 hours each week for 7 weeks

Moons: Explore the many moons of our Solar System
There are lots of moons in our Solar System. The Earth is the only planet with just a single moon. Some are bigger than ours. Many are much smaller. Some moons have ongoing volcanic eruptions. Others have rivers of liquid methane. A small handful may even be home to primitive life.
This online course will allow you to explore the rich diversity of moons in our Solar System. With experts from The Open University, you’ll explore the fundamental processes that have shaped them, and the relationship between our Moon and the Earth.
Click here for the link Explore the many Moons
Beginnners Level * weeks at 3 hours each week

Explore Indigenous Canada,the country and its history.
This course explores histories and contemporary issues in Canada from an Indigenous perspective. It includes the fur trade and other exchange relationships, land claims and environmental impacts, legal systems and rights, political conflicts and alliances, Indigenous political activism, and contemporary Indigenous life, art and its expressions.
Click here for the link.... Indigenous Canada
This is a 12-lesson introductory course with 36 hours of study material

Really wanting to get to grips with Climate Change? Why not follow The Climate Energy Challenge.
This is an introductory 9 week course requiring study of 4-6 hours each week.

Everything about Orchids
Whether you are new to orchids or a seasoned grower, Everything About Orchids will offer valuable insights from the experts at Longwood Gardens, one of the great gardens of the world. Everything about Orchids
This is a self-paced course with 10 hours of study.

Geosciences Take the challenge of predicting the nature and behaviour of the Earth subsurface? Then Geoscience, The Earth and its resources may be your course! In a voyage through the Earth, you will explore the Earth interior and master the processes forming mountains and sedimentary basins. You will understand how the sediments are formed, transported, deposited and deformed. You will acquire basic knowledge on the two mostimportant sources of subsurface energy: hydrocarbons and geothermal! Key knowledge in times of global change and energy transition!
This is an introductory course with 48 hours worth of material.... Geosciences

American Civil War? The Civil War and Reconstruction - 1850-1861: A House Divided Discover how the issue of slavery came to dominate American politics, and how political leaders struggled and failed to resolve the growing crisis in the nation. A House Divided: The Road to Civil War, 1850-1861 begins by examining how generations of historians have explained the crisis of the Union. After discussing the institution of slavery and its central role in the southern and national economies, it turns to an account of the political and social history of the 1850s.
This is a self-paced course with 6-8 hours per week materials. American Civil War

The Spain of Don Quixote. This course focuses on Spanish history between the Renaissance and Baroque periods—a time when the Spanish culture set the tone in the Western world. The monarchy of this Spain created the first global empire of History. The greatest literary works of this period, including La Celestina, Lazarillo de Tormes, were immediately translated in the first European and American printing houses.
Click here .......The Spain of Don Quixote
This is an introductory course with 28 hours of study material.

Want to improve your thinking skills? How about Logical and Critical Thinking?
This is an 8 week course with 4 hours of study each week.

Modern Masterpieces of World Literature
Link here.... Modern Masterpieces of World Literature
This introductory course runs for 3-6 hours each week for 8 weeks

A new Forensic Facial Reconstruction course from the University of Sheffield will enable you to learn about the forensic technique of facial reconstruction from the experts involved in a real crime case. The course is entitled Forensic Facial Reconstruction: Finding Mr. X. This course has 2 hours material for each of 2 weeks. Forensic Facial Reconstruction

Hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons and what is a 'front'?
Explore all things weather using the link here ....... Learn About Weather
This is a course is a 4 week course with 3 hours study each week.