Photography -YOUR Shot of the Month 2020

This competition is for members who may take many shots each month that don’t relate to the Group's monthly competition but are very good in their own right. So the basis for this page is "anything goes as long as it’s interesting, and well composed and well executed". The group will then vote to find the best "YOUR Shot of the Month".

June 2020
Below are this months photos.

1st len Fenton “One for Miss Blandish”2nd Robert Waltz “Dragonfly”3rd Andrew Longhurst “Robin”Equal 4th Robert Waltz “Blue Tits Feeding”Equal 4th Janet Nicholas “Aquadrome, balmay June day”
1st Len Fenton - One for Miss Blandish 2nd Robert Waltz - Dragonfly 3rd Andrew Longhurst - Robin 4th (Equal) Robert Waltz-Blue Tits Feed 4th (Equal) Janet Nicholas - Aquadrome

May 2020
Below are this months photos.

1st John Allen “Suspicious as Ever”2nd John Allen “The Hunter”Equal 3rd Rayner Heyd “Steam through Ickenbridge”Equal 3rd Rayner Heyd “My Lockdown Garden”Equal 3rd Andrew Longhurst “The Eaglet has Landed”
1st John Allen - Suspicious, as Ever 2nd John Allen - The Hunter Eq 3rd Rayner Heyd -Steam in Ickenbridge Eq 3rd Rayner Heyd - My Lockdown Garden Eq3rd Andrew Longhurst-Eaglet has Landed

March 2020
Below are this months photos.

1st Ian Brown “Long Tailed Tit”2nd Malcolm Barwick “Golden Hour”Equal 3rd Janet Nicholas “Wisley 1”Equal 3rd Andrew Longhurst “Cock Sparrow”
1st Ian Brown - Long Tailed Tit 2nd Malcolm Barwick - Golden Hour Equal 3rd Janet Nicholas - Wisley 1 Equal 3rd Andrew Longhurst- Cock Sparrow