Digital Photo Competition 2020

Topic: Still Life - June Competition
1st place: 1st Robert Waltz "Rambling". Equal 2nd place: John Bentham “Royal Ascot 2020”.
Equal 2nd place: Brian Hillier “Flowers”. Equal 3rd place: Rayner Heyd “Flesh Rayner 1”.
Equal 3rd place: Robert Waltz “Raspberry Jamming”. Equal 3rd place: Ian Brown “All we can afford”.

1st Robert Waltz - Rambling 2nd(Equal) John Bentham-Royal Ascot 2020 2nd(Equal) Brian Hillier - Flowers 3rd(Equal) Rayner Heyd - Flesh Rayner 1 3rd(Equal) Robert Waltz-Raspberry Jaming 3rd(Equal) Ian Brown - All we can afford

May 2020 was 2 competitions on the VE Celibrations testing our skills of taking photos of the TV;

First Topic: The May 1945 Celibrations
1st place: Rayner Heyd “Is this my Daddy”. 2nd place: Malcolm Barwick “Winston Churchill Speach”.

1st Rayner Heyd - Is this my Daddy 2nd Malcolm Barwick - Churchill Speach

Second Topic: The May 2020 75th Anniversary Celibrations
1st place: John Bentham “VE 75 - Street Party”. 2nd place: Brian Hillier “VE 75 - Banners”.

1st John bentham - VE 75 - Street Party 2nd Brian Hillier - VE 75 - Banners

Topic: A PotPourri - April Competition
1st place: Freda Longhurst “Still Life”. 2nd place: Len Fenton “Mistlethrush in my Garden”.
3rd place: Andrew Longhurst “Mr Squirrel”. 4th place: Rayner Heyd “Stocker Lock”

1st Freda Longhurst - Still Life 2nd Len Fenton - Mistlethrush in Garden 3rd Andrew Longhurst - Mr Squirrel 4th Rayner Heyd - Stocker Lock

Topic: Macro Photography - March Competition (3rd April)
1st place: Brian Hilier “Garden Spider”. Equal 2nd place: John Allen “Butterfly 2”.
Equal 2nd place: Andrew Longhurst “Mr Toad”. Equal 2nd place: Brian Hillier “Model Schweppes Delivery Van”

1st Brian Hillier - Garden Spider 2nd (Equal) John Allen - Butterfly 2 2nd (Equal) Andrew Longhurst - Mr Toad 2nd (Equal) Brian Hillier - Model Van

Topic: January Blues - 24th February
1st place: Margaret Mayes “Blue Fountain”. 2nd place: Andrew Longhurst “Cat Loves Blue Flowers”.
3rd place: Ian Brown “Blue Tits”. 4th place: Ian Brown “Canada Goose in a Blue Sky”

1st Margaret Mayes - Blue Fountain 2nd Andrew Longhurst-Cat & Blue Flowers 3rd Ian Brown - Blue Tits 4th Ian Brown - Canada Goose in Blue Sky

Topic: Christmas Decorations - 27th January
Equal 1st place: Freda Longhurst “Salt Lamps". Equal 1st place: Andrew Longhurst ”Roundabout”.
3rd place: Andrew Longhurst ”Fortnum Window”. 4th place: Freda Longhurst “Xmas Market”.

1st (Equal) Freda Longhurst - Salt Lamps 1st (Equal) Andrew Longhurst-Roundabout 2nd Andrew Longhurst-Fortnum Window 4th Freda Longhurst - Xmas Market