Our monthly meetings are held on the 2nd Friday of the month at 2pm in the Plantation Hall, Heybridge. We start with news and updates, usually followed by a talk by an external speaker for about an hour. Refreshments are then available and there is an opportunity to talk to other members, sign up for a visit or find out more about an interest group.
Since November 2020 we have been holding our monthly meetings on-line. In November 2020 Eve Regelous entertained us with a talk ‘An Invitation to a Royal Wedding’. Her talk was very informative. It included information about the Dress Code, the different venues and the protocols which must be observed.
In December Alan Haines entertained us with ‘Mad Musicians and Crazy Dancers’ A look back in history at the stories behind some of the most bizarre singing and dancing entertainers of all time.
In January Chris Rose, one of our members gave a fascinating talk titled ‘A Garden Seat Called ‘Arthur’ It turned out to be about a lockdown/upcycling project, begun last March.
Chris explained in the past he had taken on mechanical challenges like making a nippy little sports car out of an old car and engine
It all started when he was walking round the Three Mills area of Docklands. He happened to look up into a set of flats and spied the back half of a mini made into a swish sofa. He still doesn’t know how they would have got it into the flat. It got Chris thinking he would like to have a go at such a project. Perhaps make a seat for the garden.
He sourced a mini from a local scrap dealers, arranged to get it cut in half and transported to his home. He only wanted the back half.
Once it had arrived the fun began. He transformed it into a wonderful seat, on castors for the garden. Chris made sure it had wifi and lots of lights and switches to keep the grandchildren amused.
I believe the seat got a lot of use last summer. The reason it is called ‘Arthur’ is when Chris told his dad about the project his dad replied ‘What ‘arfer car?’ So after that it was christened Arthur. Chris’s talk had lots of photos and videos to help explain what he had to do which made it very interesting.

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The Events Secretary organises a variety of visits and events, including coach trips to places of interest. Details and costs are publicised in the monthly News Sheet and booking sheets are available on the Events Secretary's table at monthly meetings. Full payment is required at the time of booking. If the trip later proves not to be viable, the money will be refunded in full. Should you need to cancel your place, the Pricing and Cancellation policy sets out the policy on refunds. To view the Policy, click on the link at the top right of the page.

Forthcoming visits are shown in the Diary below.

For further information, or to book a trip, please contact the Events Secretary using the Contacts tab above

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