Herts Network of U3As

Network news

This new Network News page is intended to highlight issues that relate to the all individual U3As in the Herts Network. The topics are varied and have typically been the subject of Network-wide seminars.

For those of you who have been familiar with the website layout this page regroups the topics that have been displayed on the Members News and the old Herts Forum pages.


Herts Network AGM 2019

This was a well attended event with representatives from 27 U3As.
The new committee is :
Committee Officers

  • Barbara Cordina, Chairman
  • Liz Allam, Vice Chairman
  • Anthony Rogerson, Treasurer
  • vacant, Secretary

Executive Committee Members

  • Martin Alexander
  • Penny Barratt
  • Marion Barrett
  • Hilary Holt
  • Brian Lowes
  • Steve Pullinger


Network Insurance Cover

The Herts Network has renewed its insurance for 2019. The policies cover Public Liability cover for officers and trustess, and Tour Operators liability.
Also attahced is an Incident Report form which can be downloaded in the unfortunate event that an incident occurs involving one of our members.


Trustees and Finance


A topic that has everyone running for cover but some useful notes have emerged over time from regional discussions. A Regional Newsletter from 2016 still carries useful guidance, alongside notes from 2015 on Being a U3A Trustee and the comprehensive Charity Commission Leaflet on Being a Trustee.


Tecchy Stuff

SiteBuilder is a website builder commonly used by by nany U3As in the Network. It was designed specifically with not-too-technical U3A users in mind. An introduction can be found at U3A Notes on Sitebuilder.
Further very useful information an be found in Consideration on building a new website.

U3A Beacon This new aid produced by U3A is aimed at supporting many functions associated with membership and groups management, and also useful treasurer functions, including Gift Aid. For more information about the Beacon system search for U3A Beacon.

Using bar codes A problem many U3A's face is how to how to simply and effectively register members as they arrive at meetings. St Albans U3A has put together a comprehensive description of a Bar Code system and how it can work for U3As. It is based on an Excel spreadsheet and straightforward off-the-shelf technology, so not to panic.


Eastern Region news

The East of England region has recently formed U3APlus to identify and raise awareness of the challenges that may be experienced by U3A members with impairments and disabilities. Click on this U3APlus link for further information.