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Aspect of Art 2019

The Study Day consisted of 3 varied talks on different aspects of art. Art Study Day May 2019
The morning started with a presentation by Rupert Dickens on 'The Rise and Fall of Rembrandt' from his beginnings through his heyday and onto his sadder downfall.
Art Study Day May 2019 - 2
This led onto a rundown of the Wallace collection in London, where Rupert is an official guide. This is an extensive and varied collection, probably much less known than other major art galleries but with some excellent paintings.
After an excellent lunch, when full advantage was taken of the beautiful Art Study Day May 2019 - 3 weather, the day was rounded off by Mark Lewis with an historical romp through images of London through the eyes of a range of artists across three centuries.

Many thanks to all the 'behind the scenes' team work that came together to provide an excellent day.


Genealogy 2018
The Study Day on the 4th July on Genealogy and Family History was very successful. Over 80 people attended and heard presentations by genealogy and local history expert Ian Waller who is well known to a number of U3As, and Donna Rutherford who is an expert on the use of DNA in genealogy and family history.


Ukefest 2018

Many U3As now have their own Ukulele group. But Rickmansworth upped the ante by putting on The Herts U3A Ukulele Festival in March. Congratulations to them as an inspiration to other groups.


Hertfordshire Way Walk 2018

The walks were challenging but well attended. Anyone who completed the whole route should be well pleased with their achievement.
For those of you who were not able to join the U3A walks but would like to explore more information about the route can still be found on the Useful Links page.