Herts Network of U3As

Herts Network of U3As

The Herts Network is a support network between the member U3As.

It provides:-
1. A regular forum where member U3As can meet and discuss issues of mutual concern
2. 'Outward-facing’ Study Days on agreed topics of interest
3. 'Inward-facing’ Study Days on the management of U3As
4. Organising social events such as walks, quizzes and bridge competitions
5. Sharing relevant information about opportunities for U3A participation (eg access to university lectures)
6. Assisting where appropriate in the establishment of new U3As.
7. Support with legal, financial and organisational queries relating to U3As

Outward-facing Study Days typically comprise a series of expert speakers covering different aspects of a particular topic. They are open to the full membership of all Network U3As.

Inward-facing Study Days are typically devoted to a single aspect of running a U3A. These may include talks, discussion groups and feedback sessions on the various facets of U3A management and solutions to the common challenges facing U3As.

Network Meetings are for all U3As. They are held 3 or 4 times a year, to update members on Network activities and – more importantly – providing a forum for individual U3As to discuss their successes and challenges. The AGM is held in March - the opportunity to volunteer to join the Network committee.

Network Committee also meets 3 or 4 times a year. Primarily it acts as an intermediary with the Regional and National level U3A. It organises the Network level study days, and also maintains a list of potential speakers in the area. The list can be used by individual U3As by contacting the Speaker Co-ordinator.

The Herts Network is affiliated to the Eastern Region and the national Third Age Trust.