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Dates for your Diary
Tue Sep 20th 'A 21st Century Miller’s Tale' wth Simon Hudson
Wicken Corn Windmill is a large Cambridgeshire smock mill built in 1813. The windmill business closed in 1933, although it was still worked occasionally by engine until 1942. Then in 1987 the Wicken Windmill Partnership, who included our Speaker, took on the renovation of the derelict windmill, work which is still ongoing! However, it is now fully operational, producing various flours for sale
Tue Oct 18th 'Sleep Disorders' with Peter Venn
Peter Venn is a retired anaesthetist who worked at East Grinstead Hospital. He also ran one of the largest 'sleep investigation' units in the country (for which he was profiled some years ago in the Guardian). He gives a fascinating illustrated talk on sleep disorders, of interest to everyone.
Tue Nov 15th 'Ernest Shackleton, the Man and the Myths' with Michael Smith
Sir Ernest Shackleton, who lived in Eastbourne, has become a national icon after venturing on four epic voyages of discovery to the Antarctic a century ago, including the famous Endurance expedition. Polar historian Michael Smith recalls the compelling story of a complex and charismatic man who touched greatness on the ice but struggled to come to terms with home life. Michael’s book – Shackleton – By Endurance We Conquer – has sold more than 250,000 copies worldwide and is currently being made into a film
Mon Dec 12th 'Christmas Party'
We start with a quiz before enjoying lots of seasonal tea time treats.
Please note the change of date from our usual meetings
Tue Jan 17th 2023 'Literary Paris' with Brian Freeland
For centuries PARIS has been a Cultural Capital and home to emigre artists from all over Europe. Their ranks were swollen at the end of WW1 by American authors, poets, musicians and dancers fleeing prohibition and/or racial discrimination.
This so-called Lost Generation is at the heart of a Presentation which highlights the City of Light’s literary successes, failures and scandals, from Voltaire and Zola to James Joyce and Ernest Hemingway via a Revolution and a couple of World Wars.
Tue Feb 21st 2023 'Shops & Shopping, the small shop through the ages' with Dr Janet Pennington
We take shopping for granted these days, whether using local shops or supermarkets. And we can order on-line and have a home delivery at our convenience. How different was it for our ancestors, would we recognise a medieval shop front in our own High Street? And what about shop signs and names – how have they changed? Did Napoleon really say that ‘the English are a nation of shopkeepers’?
Tue Mar 21st 2023 'The Ouse Valley, it's past life and times' with Ian Everest
Old photographs and cine film will offer a glimpse of some of the less
well-known aspects of life in the Ouse valley between Lewes and the
sea. Areas of interest will include the agricultural, industrial, aviation,
sporting and artistic heritage of the area. Muggery Pope, Mount Misery
and the sport of kings – all will be explained!

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