2018 Event Archive

Baskerville Hall Hotel, Clyro, HR3 5LE
Third Tuesday of the month, 10.30am and 1.15pm

16 January
Climate Resilient Pathways by Mike Thompson
pm. Film An Inconvenient Sequel:Truth to Power (2017) Al Gore's new follow-up film on Global warming.

20 Feb
Women, Castles and Power in Late Medieval Britain by Rodney Mace
1.15 pm Family Matters by Janet Robinson

20 March
The Stargazer of Hardwicke - Mark Robinson
pm Laurence Matthews - From Hay to Infinity

The Royal Air Force at 100 - Air Commodore Mark Wordley RAF (Retired)
pm Two Men and the Moon - David Fry (USA vs USSR)

19 June
The Physicians of Myddfai
Dr. Donald Williams of the Myddfai Society will explain the history and the legends of this famous group of healers
Afternoon: LPA Made Easy with Robyn Nunez

17 July
Popular Musicians’ Informal Learning Practices
Prof Lucy Green, Professor of Music Education at UCL, will explore their implications for music education
Afternoon: Family Matters: four generations of change through two World Wars, and how women’s lives were affected, with Janet Robinson

21 August
Ydwena Jones will describe the history and the present day workings of the Welsh Festival
Afternoon: Get Smart with your Smartphone? The Android and Mac systems demystified by Dean Williams of Communikate

18 September
The History of Pottery
Annette & John Christophers of Albrighton Pottery bring a history of all things potting - with a hands-on component!
Afternoon: Local Initiatives. An overview of what’s going on in your community .

John Piper
Canon Sandy Elliott examines the life and work of this prolific artist
Afternoon: DVD: The Minnesota Bible

20 November
“Our Daily Bread”
Rev Ian Charlesworth will look at the history, social and religious importance of the world’s shared food
Afternoon: Interest Group presentation

4 December
Christmas Lunch